Blaming Driver Behavior Instead of Accidents

With roadway fatalities reaching a 50 year high, resulting from crashes, collisions and other driver generated incidents, a growing number of safety advocates hope to change a century-old mentality they claim trivializes the most common cause of traffic incidents: human error. As a first step, these advocates would prefer these incidents, which resulted in about […]

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Food Recalls and Nanotechnology – Kevin McPoyle’s Article in The Insurance Journal

Food Recalls

In the June 20 issue of Insurance Journal Risks Ahead: Food Recalls and Nanotechnology KMRD Partners President Kevin McPoyle considers risks from food recalls and nanotechnology to food insureds. As noted by Kevin, “With litigation and recalls now commonplace, it is critical for food insureds to think through and plan for the “when” as opposed to […]

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Six Factors to Determine Contractor and Employee Classification

Want a simple way to determine contractor and employee classification? In Alexander vs. FedEx Ground, the California 9th Circuit Court ruled drivers were not independent contractors despite owning their own vans and being allowed to set their own routes. The court used several factors in its ruling, most notably control. “Drivers must wear FedEx uniforms, […]

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Do You Have A Flood Recovery Plan In Place for Hurricane Season?

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins today – Do you have your flood recovery plan steps in place? The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins today, with meteorologists forecasting a more active than usual hurricane season, partly due to the expected end of the El Niño weather pattern in the next few months. Meteorologists at AccuWeather, a private […]

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Hire a Veteran

Kevin McPoyle, President and co-founder of KMRD Partners, has first hand knowledge regarding the contributions made by veterans from his years of service as a helicopter pilot in the United States Army. We repeat this message at this time each year because the content is timeless, and the need of veterans to be employed, remains […]

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2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (“ICIT”) has recently published a report titled 2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage. According to the report, companies need to prepare themselves for the threat posed by this rising form of hacking, which restricts access to an infected computer system, and demands the user pay a […]

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Substance abuse affects 70% of US businesses

Substance abuse affects 70% of US businesses, according to a recent study fielded by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Substance abusers represent approximately 17% of the average workforce. Substance abusers typically cost a company about $7,000 per user, per year. Substance abusers cause 35% of all industrial injuries and fatalities. According to […]

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Keep your eyes on the road – Auto Fleet Risks

Auto Fleet Safety

According to the annual Governors Highway Safety Association Spotlight on Highway Safety Report, there will be a 10% year-to-year increase in the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2015. This comes on the heels of a 19% increase from 2009 to 2014, a period in which total traffic deaths decreased by about 4%. […]

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