How Liability Insurance Protects You Against Pain and Loss in Your Business

liability insurance protects you against

Risk and potential loss is everywhere. What liability insurance protects you against is the potential for business ending claims – and lots of pain. It’s like a life preserver no business should be without. Liability insurance protects you against the risk of liabilities resulting from lawsuits and similar claims from third party persons or organizations attributing an injury to your business. […]

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Employee Benefits Programs Aid Talent Recruitment and Retention

employee benefits programs

As we bid Labor Day a fond farewell and look forward to fall with renewed energy, it seems fitting to note successful companies vigorously recruit and retain best-in-class employees with employee benefits programs. While many factors will influence a candidate’s decision to join and eventually remain with a company, having carefully designed benefits programs for employees […]

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5 Steps Every Employer Should Consider When Performing a Risk Assessment

performing a risk assessment

Effective risk management is critical in today’s regulatory climate. Rating agencies and regulators have come to expect companies to know their risk profiles and implement the correct structures and processes to reduce risks and exposure. Performing a risk assessment allows business managers to identify and control risks to build up high performance businesses. And while they can vary greatly from business to business, we tend to see the same five […]

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4 Steps to Effective Risk Management Everyone Should Know

effective risk management

Every business, whatever its size or complexity, carries some amount of risk. It’s absolutely everywhere. Below are 4 steps to help you deliver an effective risk management program. Risk is everywhere. It’s in every business process and inside every company. A well-organized approach to effective risk management can serve as a valuable starting point as you create […]

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Reduce Workplace Injuries With An Effective Risk Control Plan

Effective Risk Control Plan

Taking risks with employee safety and health can lead to workplace injuries and losses to your business’s bottom line. Developing an effective risk control plan will help you identify and eliminate hazards and control risks. Injuries related to lifting, carrying and lowering materials ranked as the leading cause of workplace injury between 2010 and 2014, representing 32 […]

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Why Businesses Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

In 2015, the EEOC received 89,385 discriminatory employment practices complaints, including more than 4,000 in Pennsylvania alone.  In addition to private party lawsuits, the increase in claims brought on by federal, state and city regulators is causing more businesses to purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPLI”). A decade ago, most businesses didn’t buy employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). […]

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Examine Your Insurance Policy Wording For Effective Risk Management

Effective Risk Management

An effective risk management strategy should include careful policy and endorsement reviews to correct potential uninsured problems and avoid an expensive coverage-litigation battle. Most risk management consultants are never taught the proper way to read and interpret an insurance policy or correct policy language. This can result in coverage denials, missed opportunities, and keep you […]

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Understanding Your Business Interruption Insurance

business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance is probably one of the most valuable insurance coverages a business can secure. Also known as “business income insurance”, this type of property and casualty insurance covers income losses due to a disaster. It’s slightly different than “time element” coverage. Time element coverage refers to insurance coverages that are tied to a period […]

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5 Benefits Of An Effective Absence Management Program

An effective absence management program can control workplace absence resulting from illness or injury through effective claims management and proven human capital strategies. While an individual absence may appear to be inconsequential, taken together they can negatively affect an organization’s financial well-being, work product and human resources.  Here are five ways an effective absence management program works to improve […]

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