About KMRD

We’ve grown a lot since we started in 2005. We are a risk management consulting and insurance brokerage firm delivering better results each and every time.


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Our Solutions

Our disciplined approach, proven process and award-winning agency-management system all work to solve even the most challenging client needs.


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Work at KMRD

We are an award-winning team helping clients to reduce the cost of risk. Meet some members of our team and learn about our culture and open jobs.


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Reducing Client Cost of Risk Since 2005


Satisfied Clients

There’s a good chance we’ve worked with a company like yours before.


Issues Fixed

There’s an even better chance our team can improve your risk profile.


Policy Reviews

Our team has reviewed and analyzed thousands of insurance policies.


Documents Held

Our team compares tens of thousands of documents to serve you better.

Why Clients Choose KMRD

Our disciplined approach, proven processes and self-service risk management platform - combined with our experienced service team - work to deliver the best service and value every time.

Client Value

Companies choose KMRD over other risk management and insurance brokerage firms because we are able to deliver better client service, secure and protect assets, and reduce overall cost of risk better than our competitors.

We work hard to reduce the cost of risk. But that’s not all. We review all your policies and compare each one against thousands of others in our database. We negotiate on your behalf to provide the best insurance and coverage options. And with our deep expertise and knowledgeable team, disciplined approach, proven processes, and self-service risk management platform, KMRD provides the best option and value every time.

Client Benefits

  • We provide the right protection at a reduced cost of risk.
  • We provide the better coverage because we understand your business.
  • We help to reallocate resources and more effectively manage risk.
  • We reduce administrative burdens so you can focus on core business.
  • Our insights become your insights translating into no more surprises.
  • We focus on keeping premiums down and improving loss experience.

See what KMRD can do for your company!

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