Sea Levels on the Rise – Do you need Weather Risk Insurance?

According to an official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, sea levels could rise by much more than originally anticipated, and much faster, according to new data being collected by scientists studying the melting West Antarctic ice sheet. Looking at extreme temperature indices from more than 40 years ago and now, “things are different,” […]

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Risks Ahead. Dog-related injuries cause more than one third of all home insurance claims

Risks Ahead. Dog-related injuries cause more than one third of all home insurance claims Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation when it comes to the estimated number and cost of dog bite claims and other dog-related injuries. Estimated number of claims is 861, with an average cost per claim of $26,000. $26,000 could also purchase […]

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Have you been re-mapped to a flood zone?

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller issued a consumer alert earlier this month by which Pennsylvania homeowners can appeal their property’s placement in a flood zone by the federal government, which in many cases requires them to purchase flood insurance. Commissioner Miller said FEMA recently re-mapped most of the country using 100-year flood projections, resulting in […]

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Risks Ahead. Watch out for dog bites!

Dog Bites

There were more than 17,000 claims involving dog bites in 2013. Insurance payouts exceeded $483 million for dog bites. The average dog bite insurance claim paid out $29,396. When there is risk ahead, you can count on KMRD Partners Risk and Insurance Solutions for a common sense approach to risk management and transference through insurance coverage. […]

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Risks Ahead. When the weather turns cold we spend more time at home. Homeowners Insurance.

Time spent indoors increases the risk of house fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) counts more than 360,000 home structure fires each year, resulting in $6-8 billion dollars in damage. Following are the eight most common causes of home fires, according to the NFPA: Candles Smoking Electrical and lighting Dryers and washing machines Lightning […]

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Risks Ahead. Homeowners can appeal an insurance cancellation or non-renewal to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is available to help homeowners adhere to reasonable requests by insurers to make their properties safer and avoid possible cancellation or non-renewal of their homeowners’ coverage. According to a review of consumer complaints received by the Insurance Department, some consumers have had their homeowners’ insurance cancelled or non-renewed after not taking […]

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Risks Ahead. Insurance coverage hasn’t kept up as renters outnumber homeowners in key markets

Renters outnumber homeowners in major US cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston; cities at high risk for natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and severe winter weather. In Philadelphia, the number of renters is quickly approaching the number of homeowners. Yet, the Insurance Information Institute reports only 37% of renters have renters insurance, […]

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Risks Ahead…Be careful of grill fires

Grill Fire

In excess of 5,500 grill fires occur on residential property each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. These fires can spoil an otherwise lovely afternoon by causing an average $37 million in damages, 100 injuries and 10 deaths. In addition, thousands of people visit emergency rooms each year from burns suffered while barbecuing. Malfunctioning […]

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