As a Health Rosetta Certified Advisor, our team is proud and honored to be part of a movement that is helping employers provide better care for 157 Million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%. With this partnership, KMRD is even better prepared to guide our clients on a path to establishing high-performance benefits plans.

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The Health Rosetta Accredited Advisor Program is an exclusive ecosystem of healthcare advisors who have illustrated exceptional transparency, innovation, and execution in the areas of risk management, employee benefits, and high-performance plan design.

Health Rosetta is a non-profit organization made up of like-minded benefits firms with a goal of disrupting the norm and creating high-performance benefits plans by accelerating the adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.

Through Certified Health Rosetta Advisor and Benefits Partner, Chris Van Buren, KMRD clients have exclusive access to benefit advisors, best practices, plan design experts, case studies, proven solutions, and transparent fees.

By partnering with Health Rosetta, KMRD clients get exclusive access to benefit advisors, plan design experts, and transparent fees, and Chris Van Buren will work with you to deliver high-performance benefits.

Key Advantages for KMRD Clients

Our Health Rosetta affiliation extends our capabilities, allowing us to expand support and provides KMRD clients a number of advantages:

  1. Reduce Your Costs 20-40% – Together, we can implement Health Rosetta style benefits to outperform the status quo and improve your financial performance.
  2. Improve Quality of Care for Employees– Together, we can keep people healthier and safer with no deductibles on major procedures and unlimited, free primary care.
  3. Deliver Better Experiences – Together, we can help to improve the experience and increase satisfaction for patients, caregivers, families, clinicians, and others.
  4. Help Employees Spend Less – The average employee deductible is about $1,400 and many are one illness or accident away from catastrophe. Together, we can help reduce the burden employees face.

Additional Information About Our Partnership

Health care spending is likely one of the last major buckets of operational expenses you haven’t already intensely optimized. And it’s perhaps the third or fourth largest spend at many companies. Too often, the scrutiny has simply been on negotiating insurance rates, and not on the prices being paid for services the employees receive and the quality of health care provided.

There are proven ways to know and control the actual cost of the things you are paying for through your health plan. But making it happen requires a shift in mindset from simply negotiating health insurance rates to managing the underlying costs.

The problem as we see it is that Healthcare is broken and rewards the wrong activities. We pay for illness and treatment, and we get more illness and treatment. The Health Rosetta defines a blueprint for wise healthcare purchasing that is allowing health services to be purchased for 20-55% less than the status quo while improving benefits. With this partnership, KMRD is helping clients move toward the center of control – and the change seems to be welcome.

The idea behind the Health Rosetta is to build an open, standards-based platform to decode what works and what doesn’t work in this new environment.

It initially focused on health benefits design but over time it extended into improving the access and efficacy of new healthcare delivery models. Health Rosetta offers additional benefits such as:

  • Annual opportunity analysis, including “boil downs” of the options for what the best fit is for your organizations wants and needs.
  • Monitors, markets and informs members of cutting edge changes and advancements. As of 2020 Health Rosetta is tracking 1,749 vendors in the benefits industry.
  • As part of a larger group, Health Rosetta partners represent over 4,000,000 lives. This size and scope better enables each member to convince vendors to do what needs to be done to benefit our clients.
  • Health Rosetta has vetted their 170 members as part of a 3 step vetting process including, the elimination of conflicts of interest, disclosure processes, ethics, philosophies etc.

For KMRD to become a member partner, our team had to apply to join, interview with Health Rosetta, invest resources and time to complete their program, and agree to a number of transparency requirements, including: the disclosure of our financial standing, adherence to best practices, signed agreement to their Code of Conduct, and more.

We look forward to discussing our Benefits Solutions and our Health Rosetta partnership with you. Please use the contact form below or email us or call us at 866-957-KMRD (5673) to start a conversation with Chris Van Buren.


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