Claims Advocacy

We are dedicated to helping you manage claims advocacy issues, and reducing premiums and your overall cost of risk.

Managing claims properly after a loss is critical to protecting the bottom line of your business. This is why your claims professional takes a proactive role in all facets of the claim process and ensures that your claims are given the prompt attention they deserve. From successfully contesting a carrier’s denial of coverage to successfully challenging the amount payable on a claim to your benefit, KMRD is on your side.

The KMRD Advantage

Our competition builds business off of volume transactions, and most don’t have the experience required to ensure superior quality and service excellence every single time.

Your claims advocate will work hard to maximize coverage and reduce liability, losses, and associated costs. From submitting claims to carriers, to preparing follow-ups and status updates, to preparing management loss reports, and communicating on red flag issues, we ensure the proper attention is given to address your claim issues, prevent future occurrences, and deliver positive results.

Our goal is simple: to help reduce the frequency, impact and severity of your claims, get claims paid quickly, and reduce your overall loss picture.

From complex claim litigation (liability, property, and workers’ compensation) to volume-based routine claim submission activities, our claims professionals will provide independent, objective evaluations and recommendations that are practical and technically sound.

KMRD’s Claim Professionals will help you:

  • submit claims to carriers in a way designed to trigger coverage.
  • prepare claims follow-ups to the carriers and status updates.
  • prepare management loss reports to improve decision making.
  • communicate loss trends to assist in establishing risk control initiatives.
  • follow up on all losses to ensure the proper attention is being paid by all parties.

Learn how you will benefit from our other risk management services:

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