Flood Preparedness Resources List to Share with Friends and Loved Ones

flood preparedness resources list

With the recent hurricane and flood threat, our team prepared a list of flood preparedness resources for you to share with friends and loved ones. We wish you and your families a safe and secure week. Red Cross Flood Safety Checklist explains what to do in the case of a flood, which supplies to store, and what to do […]

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Why It’s Important To Know Your Flood Zones

Following a rise of more than 13 feet on the Patapsco River in Ellicott City, Maryland, in just a few hours this past Saturday evening, flooding caused extensive structural damage to multiple businesses and residential areas, along with sidewalks and streets. Many business owners returned to their businesses on Sunday to find they had lost […]

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Cyber Risks Ahead. Are you covered?

Did you know? According to the recently published 5th annual Allianz Risk Barometer, this is the first year risk experts cited cyber incidents as being among their top three risks.  As reported by Independent Agent magazine, 69% of risk experts indicated loss of reputation as being the main cause of economic loss after a cyber […]

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Food Product Recall? Take a Hard Look at your Product Recall Insurance

Does your food processing business have the right food product recall insurance in place? Food borne illness claims right after a food product recall are among the greatest financial risks facing the food industry. Having the right insurance plan in place will help protect your food processing business. Most food processors are already aware of […]

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Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks? Get Technology Insurance Coverage

In 2015, “company outsiders” perpetrated 40% of cyber attacks while “company insiders” perpetrated 60% of these attacks, according to a report published by IBM. IBM defined an insider as anyone possessing either physical or remote access to a company’s digital assets. Although this will typically be an employee, it can also include business partners or […]

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Get Fleet Risk Insurance Because Motor Vehicles are Vulnerable to Hacking

The FBI and U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued a bulletin warning that motor vehicles are “increasingly vulnerable” to hacking. The FBI warned that criminals could exploit online vehicle software updates by sending fake e-mail messages to vehicle owners wishing to obtain legitimate software updates. Recipients could be tricked into clicking links to […]

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Fleet Risks Ahead. Fatal Crashes Doubled after States Legalized Marijuana

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s report, “Prevalence of Marijuana Involvement in Fatal Crashes: Washington, 2010-2014,” found fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana doubled after the state legalized the drug in December 2012. When there is risk ahead, you can count on KMRD Partners Risk and Insurance Solutions for a common sense approach […]

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Auto Fleet Risks Ahead. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

New York State police officers issued 84,720 texting-while-driving tickets in 2015, which was an 840% increase from the 9,015 tickets issued in 2011. Whether you are in New York, Pennsylvania or any other state, keep your eyes on the road and off your mobile device. When there is risk ahead, you can count on KMRD […]

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Auto Fleet Risks Ahead. Mobile Device Distractions

The distraction caused by a mobile device notification – an incoming phone call, text, alarm bell or vibration – is comparable to the effects when users make calls or send text messages, according to a study fielded by Florida State University. “Although these notifications are generally short in duration, they can prompt task-irrelevant thoughts, or […]

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