Don’t let an unpaid internship cost your firm a lawsuit

Don’t let an unpaid internship cost your firm a lawsuit – Employment Practices Risks

Is your firm is planning to add an unpaid intern to staff this summer?  Then it would be a good time to review the six-point test included in the US Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act:

  1. The internship must be for the intern’s benefit.
  2. Training appropriate to an educational environment must be given.
  3. The employer should realize no immediate advantage from the intern.
  4. The internship does not entitle the intern to a job following completion of the program.
  5. The employer must advise the intern no financial compensation will be gained.
  6. No regular employees should be displaced, while the intern should work with close staff supervision.

Following are additional guidelines:

  • Review your firm’s policy regarding anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation policies, grievance management and any other protections enjoyed by paid employees before admitting an intern to your workplace.
  • Examine local state wage and hour laws.
  • Provide the intern with a detailed program description and a statement confirming your program complies with labor laws.

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For more information on Employment Practices Liability Risks, click here.

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