Talent Retention and Acquisition Webinar Recording

Talent Retention & Acquisition

For those who missed our webinar on “Talent Retention and Acquisition Webinar”, here is a recording! Our experts discuss the talent acquisition challenges that they face in the job market today and what retention strategies they use to keep their employees. Ingrid Dunlap from KMRD will be joined by John Baldino (President of Humareso), Deborah […]

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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Cyber Insurance Webinar Recording

Cyber Liability Insurance

For those who missed our webinar on “Navigating the Changing Landscape of Cyber Insurance”, here is a recording! Our experts discuss the rapidly changing cyber insurance market and provides attendees with the framework needed to meet new cyber insurance compliance requirements. Bob will be joined by URS’s Robert Pignataro (Co-Founder & President) and Bill White […]

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The Impact of Recent Healthcare Plan Transparency Regulations on Your Healthcare Plans

For those who missed our webinar on “The Impact of Recent Healthcare Plan Transparency Regulations on Your Healthcare Plans”, here is a recording! Our experts discuss what the No Surprises Act and the Transparency in Coverage rules means to health plans and what employers need to do to protect themselves. What you will learn… Why […]

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Nonprofit Insurance Needs

List of nonprofit insurances and a nonprofit insurance checklist

Nonprofits face a broad array of risks. Securing the proper insurance coverage is vital to protect the people and assets that support the organization in fulfilling their mission. There are many challenges nonprofits of all sizes must face associated with operations, fundraising, public relations, volunteers, and more. There are several types of nonprofit insurance policies […]

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An Enterprise Risk Management Approach to Establishing Whether to Purchase Pollution Insurance

Many companies can have potential exposure to pollution related incidents. To understand your company’s specific needs for pollution liability insurance coverage, this article includes 10 situations to help identify potential pollution-related exposures. Before reviewing these situations, though, take a look at this 5-step program to help management teams identify and remediate the full spectrum of […]

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What to Look For In An Outsourced Risk Management Team

The risk management process is the deliberate and methodical identification, measurement and prioritization of risks resulting from unplanned events. This process is paired with the application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of events that can range from the sudden death of a key person to the loss of a warehouse and […]

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Social Inflation

By Ingrid Dunlap, Risk Manager How are people’s attitudes in society changing the future course of insurance as we know it? WARRINGTON, PA, January 14, 2022 – A popular term that has been trending in our industry over the past couple of years is “social inflation.” Social Inflation is a concept often inconsistently defined, however, because […]

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Workplace Safety Committees

This past summer, a Pennsylvania bill was passed stating safety committees need to educate their workers on substance abuse. The approval of this legislation is now encouraging businesses to re-evaluate the state of their safety committees. By Bob Dietzel, Co-Founder, and Principal WARRINGTON PA, January 5, 2022 – Pennsylvania lawmakers recently passed new legislation that would […]

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