The KMRD Advantage

When you become a client, our advantage works for you.

KMRD does much more than help you place coverage. We’re a risk management company that focuses on the details as well as the big picture. Our team of risk professionals make sure every term, condition and exclusion identified in our coverage summaries are verified, profiled and benchmarked. We make sure our disciplined approach, proven processes, world-class service team and risk management portal all work together to deliver the success outcomes you’ve come to expect.

Our job is to secure risk, improve protection and reduce the overall cost of risk better than anyone else. That’s the KMRD Advantage.

At KMRD, we bind coverage only after we compare the underwriter’s quotation to our database of over 20,000 distinct policies to determine whether the underwriter is offering the best available coverage for the price quoted. This means you get a comparison of what is available from each particular carrier and the best available forms in the marketplace. Because of the way we do business, and often by simply identifying the issue, we’re able to negotiate more coverage for you at no additional cost.

Our competitors build business based on volume transactions. Most of them either don’t have the internal resources, or aren’t willing to take the time, to read every policy they sell in detail. We do. In fact, after each policy is issued by the insurance company, our team completes a full 1,000 point review with pin-point accuracy – allowing any errors to be communicated to the carrier and you. This is one of the many ways we work with you to ensure superior quality and service excellence all the time.

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