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“Thank you very much for taking the time today to not only meet with me, but also to retrain the Safety Committee.  I feel we are making progress in this area and the members of the committee got a lot out of your training.  Sometimes it helps to have someone else’s voice to remind everyone just how important and what kind of difference we can make by working together on Safety.  I appreciate all your time in helping make our company a safer place to work.”

Safety Manager / $100M Flooring Distributor

“I have to tell you I was impressed with KMRD today on the call with SUNZ. They were all over the reserve limits and getting everything addressed. With this and the detail workflows, policies, training they have done for us they are worth every penny we may pay them. I bet they can assist us in closing out all of our prior carrier claims.”

Chief Administrative Officer / Public Company with over $200M of Payroll

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We are proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. And as you can see, they have a lot of good things to say about KMRD.


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“KMRD Partners is the best insurance agency I’ve ever worked with.  Their proactive efforts to minimize exposure, attention to detail, and responsiveness to new matters is unsurpassed.  In addition, KMRD’s Xchange web site gives me complete access to all of my insurance related documents.  In particular, I find that the site allows me to manage my certificates of insurance and auto ID cards in a very quick and easy way.”

CFO / $35M Internet Technology Service company

“As a new client of KMRD Partners, the information and professional approach to insurance their team exhibited and continue to exhibit has helped us really understand how to control our cost of risk; not only with better coverage, but with claims management and risk management services. We’re happy to have them on our team.”

CFO / $10M Sprinkler Contracting and Monitoring Company

“I really like the KMRD Xchange system because it is very user friendly. I was shocked to receive the certificates of Insurance in my email inbox almost immediately. Sometimes it took up to 3 days for her to get confirmation that a cert was issued from the “National Broker” System!!!”

CFO / $20 Million Commercial Roofing Company

“My thanks and appreciation to Rebecca, Eileen and Jane for persevering through this difficult process.  The end result is not just about successfully receiving Exxon’s approval, but more importantly about making meaningful improvements in our field service safety program. I believe we have done that and more. Thanks!”

National Sales Director / $12 Million High Risk Products Manufacturer

“The KMRD team is best in class. One of our top professional partners.”

CEO / $50M Safety Products & Services Company

“We are a better organization as a result of the risk management efforts of the team at KMRD Partners.”

Principal / $300M+ regional Commercial Real Estate firm

“KMRD Partners is a true business owner’s friend, protecting assets with great coverage and service while being sensitive to the bottom line.”

CEO / $30M National Distributor of Uniforms

“You guys provide us more information that we have never seen before, which helps me make business decisions.”

CFO / Construction Company

“You guys are the most trustworthy I know and the improved service model of KMRD that you offer, I feel the board will definitely want to make the change.  I think the board will consider this decision on more than just price, because of the strength of your expertise and professionalism, in addition to all of the service benefits that are very apparent.”

Chief Financial Officer / $100M Floor Distributor

“Our partner on this account had the following to say…”This is an example of the “value added” service and benefits of KMRD that attracted my agency to partner with all of you.  Thanks so much for all of your professionalism, integrity, transparency and attention to detail to the interests of our company and all of your clients. I am really proud to serve with your team.””

Chief Administrative Officer / Public Company with over $200M of payroll

“Jenean is doing a great job…she is aggressive and on the ball! I did not understand the mess that she has been working with, these people were so negligent and paid no attention to detail….Jenean has been awesome…I catch her working late into the night on occasion and yell at her via e-mail to go home. A very good find with her Bob!”

Director of Risk and Loss Control / Handling of $8 Million of Difficult Workers Compensation Claims

“After taking a tour of your firm, I was discussing it with [a colleague], and we agreed that what you are doing is completely revolutionary and years ahead of your time. The incorporation of your technology coupled with the simple fact that you read policies and explain intricacies with your clients, is impressive.”

Regional Manager / One of the Top 5 Workers Compensation Providers in the Country

“I got rave reviews about KMRD (on your presentation to our management team on insurance and contractual risk transfer). The folks were duly impressed with your efforts and presentation as well as your knowledge on many fronts. Several attendees commented that they now understand the difference between what you guys bring to the table vs. what our previous agents provided.”

CFO / Global Industrial Products Company

“Outstanding! I had a very difficult, multi party, multi-shipping high six figures international shipping damage claim. They managed and advised me very proactively. It was a controversial claim and we won it 100%. They made my job much easier and I dealt with probably six or seven different people so it is not a one person endorsement. KMRD was my only vendor, out of 170, to earn Extraordinary Vendor Awards back to back.”

CFO / Large Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

“Thanks for your great insights. I have noticed a few of the same things, but coming from a third party is often the kick we all need.”

CEO / $40M National Distributor of Safety Products and Services

“Putting aside all the other issues which plagued this claim, we did recover $702,120 due in large part to your efforts.”

Risk Manager / New York City University with $6B Real Estate assets

“The ability to issue our own certificates of insurance and auto ID cards has been really helpful. It is much faster and more efficient than before. It was also very easy to learn how to use the system, very intuitive.”

HR Director / $70M Residential Roofing Contractor with 150 Fleet Vehicles

“Steve, Kevin and all at KMRD – thanks for being there for us. You’re the best.”

CFO / Pharmaceutical Company

“KMRD’s collaboration technology is years ahead of its competition. It is what every agency needs to survive in the future.”

Principal / National Insurance Agency Consultancy

“Thank you! I’ve used this opportunity to reinforce this as another example of tangible value that your firm provides.”


“I like how you handle your customers, your professionalism, your responsiveness, and thoroughness. I love doing business with those types of companies/individuals. I’m going to love working with you all.”

Owner / Consulting Firm

“I have never seen follow-up on our claims like they have seen from Gerry.”

Owner / Sprinkler Construction Firm

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