Our Disciplined Approach

Our risk management approach works to reduce the overall cost of risk and a primary success driver is our disciplined execution of the fundamentals.

Discipline and Accountability

The key to success and long-term reduction in the cost of risk is our risk management approach and a disciplined execution of fundamentals. At KMRD, we hold ourselves accountable by placing our service plans and risk management initiatives in writing. Our risk service team meets weekly to make sure everything gets done on a timely basis. This approach yields more savings and value, which helps drive down the cost of insurance over time and provides quality control measures.

Communication and Collaboration

At KMRD, we take collaboration to a whole new level by granting you access to our files as we work on them. Through XChange, our award-winning risk portal you can monitor our progress throughout the year, access loss information and share critical insurance information policies with anyone around the globe on a 24/7 basis, hold managers accountable for completing and uploading documents, prepare your own Certificates of Insurance and Auto ID Cards, and even scan and store policies for future reference.

Coverage and Risk Control

Our team performs a thorough review of your operations to build a clear and understandable summary of your company’s exposures. At the conclusion of our review, the company owner or CFO is often surprised to learn their insurance program is not correctly structured to protect the size and scope of their business. Our disciplined approach and proven risk process prevents this from ever happening again. Understanding your business is essential when designing an insurance program to protect your assets. There is not enough emphasis on the fact no two commercial insurance programs are the same. This is not a commodity purchase – a small oversight can be devastating.

The KMRD advantage is more than a disciplined approach. Learn more:

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