Health and Wellness Programs

KMRD can help you build a health and wellness strategy that improves employee engagement and health and measures success can reduce your labor and healthcare costs.

Our team is committed to health and wellness. Studies show having the right health and wellness program in place, and supporting your employees to make health lifestyle changes, can increase office morale, improve absenteeism and presenteeism, and even generate a real return on investment for your organization over time.

We find it best to not confuse these programs as health plan cost control tools, but instead as true perks that fit your culture and total rewards approach.

Our approach stands out among our peers. We take a personalized, holistic approach and assist each client in the development and customization of health and wellness programs specific to their employees’ needs.

Our team can work with you to develop health behaviors with the objective of obtaining work-life integration, stress reduction and health promotion. We’re set up to provide consulting support for the establishment of programs that rely on strong employee participation and peer support for wellness practices. And we’ll work with you to develop a well thought out strategy, a timetable for implementation, and a way to measure employee success.

Whether you want to establish a full health and wellness program, or just want some advice on how to give employees the right incentives, tools, and to adopt and maintain health behaviors, KMRD is here for you.

Have a question about our Health and Wellness Program capabilities? Please use the contact form below or email us or call us at 866-957-5673 to talk with one of our employee benefits professionals.


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