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A network like no other. KMRD is an exclusive member of WBN – the largest network of independent firms in the world. We provide our clients with the knowledge and the peace-of-mind when KMRD provides the highest level of client service and consulting for their property & casualty and employee benefits needs as they do business around the globe.

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Founded in 1989, WBN has grown from nine member firms in Western Europe to more than 100 partner firms spanning the globe and serving clients through 500+ offices on six continents. WBN has become an important part of the insurance industry’s distribution network – and generates over $50 billion in property/casualty and employee benefits premiums annually.

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WBN is ranked the 4th largest among all global broker networks.  WBN members are carefully vetted as leading, independently owned firms in their respective markets providing assistance with placement, regulatory compliance advice, claims and risk management services for property & casualty insurance and employee benefits to clients.

Each year, KMRD participates in WBN events around the world, providing valuable insights into dynamic industry trends, new products, and best practices. KMRD provides risk management and human capital solutions, as well as intellectual capital and thought leadership, to other WBN members and their clients around the globe.

Why KMRD Partnered

With partner firms represented in over 100 countries throughout Europe, North, South and Central America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region, partnering with WBN gives KMRD the ability to handle localized insurance and employee benefits programs for globally managed programs, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive service from a single source.

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In an increasingly global business environment, our association with WBN allows KMRD to provide internationally integrated service for US-based companies with overseas interest, as well as international companies doing business in the US.

Advantages for KMRD Clients

Our WBN affiliation extends our capabilities, allowing us to expand support into key local markets and provides KMRD clients a number of advantages:

High-quality service even beyond boundaries. Day or night, our relationships with network partners help us get things done…fast. We are passionate about the needs of our clients as well as long term personal relationships. WBN members meet multiple times each year to build strong relationships and exchange information. This gives KMRD many opportunities to collaborate with other member partners, provide opportunities to connect our partners with our clients in person and to extend our collective capabilities in a rapidly changing global environment. Additionally, the WBN Service Code of Conduct keeps members accountable for providing clients with consistent, high quality service with a sense of urgency.

Global support issues get local support. Our partners are our “boots on the ground” and provide valuable local feedback about regulatory issues, underwriting clarifications or claims and risk control assistance. Resources abound. Challenges like accessing key information in local markets, communicating over multiple time zones and languages, supporting interactions at the local level and ensuring international programs are implemented quickly become easy to solve when the right international collaborators are part of the team.

Remain connected to anywhere around the globe. WBNet provides clients with access to a secure global database where client-specific information can be stored and accessed, as required – at no cost to our clients. WBNet can be a key organizational risk management tool, providing headquarters access to crucial insurance documents, financial summaries and the ability to track local national programs globally.

PDF Download Why WBN + KMRD

The KMRD Advantage is more than a worldwide network. Learn more:

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