The Power of Better Transparency & Collaboration

Our Risk Management Portal Delivers Better Coverage

More Access and Control

With 24/7 self-service capability, you can access insurance/policy data, analyze reports, and print special documents.

Enhances Collaboration

Now everyone around the globe can work together to compare, analyze and make important changes in less time.

Drives Accountability

With easy, secure access to all data, all of your managers can now update, complete, and move critical documents forward.

Risk Management Portal

Immediate 24/7 Data Access

With 24/7 “real-time” access to data, you’ll spend less time on the phone or in long email exchanges and more time doing the things you want to do.

Risk Management Portal

Shared “Real-time” Access

With transparent, shared rights to all documents, edits happen in “real-time” with an alert sent to our team for improved delivery and fast turnaround.

Risk Management Portal

Easy-to-Read Formatting

We always speak in a language that you can understand, and every bit of data is accessible in easy-to-read Excel and Word formats.

We Deliver More Satisfied Clients

Our award-winning risk management portal has over 10,000 forms in its database that we can compare and analyze. And over the years we have reviewed over 12,000 policies. This means every new client makes our system stronger. As a result, we are able to deliver better customer service, faster turnaround times and retain more satisfied clients.

Client Benefits

  • Fast turnaround times with permission controls for vendors/underwriters.
  • Better version control because everyone accesses the same document.
  • Easy “anywhere, anytime” policy access for users around the globe.
  • Encrypted technology and secure “permission” folder access for users.
  • Real-time access to all schedules, reports and documents in easy formats.

What Clients Say

“KMRD Partners’ proactive efforts to minimize exposure, attention to detail, and responsiveness to new matters is unsurpassed.  In addition, their risk management portal gives me complete access to all of my insurance related documents.  In particular, I find that the site allows me to manage my certificates of insurance and auto ID cards in a very quick and easy way.”

CFO / $35M technology service firm

“”KMRD’s risk management portal really is leaps ahead of where we were.  One other thing that is cool on the website is the reports and the claim detail.  All of our branches have their own separate logins to the site and received training on the website where they view only their information.  This has alleviated a lot of questions we had out in the field.”

Chief Administrative Officer / Public firm with $200M+ payroll

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