Outsourced Risk Management

From solid risk management to reductions in the cost of risk, we deliver the right outsourced risk management services for you.

We are your strategic partner and outsourced risk manager ready to help you proactively control the cost of risk and implement the right strategies to make your business strong. Our team has the proven industry experience to understand your specific challenges and provide objective advice you can count on. We’ll help you manage risk through insurance and risk programs backed by our disciplined approach, proven processes, dedicated service team, and our collaborative risk management portal.

Our Outsourced Risk Management services provides:

  • Highly structured service plans specifically designed to meet your unique needs.  The plan and our progress are accessible 24/7. It is impossible for us to over-promise and under-deliver!
  • Improvements to your risk profile by establishing initiatives and the monitoring progress and tracking risk management accomplishments improving your risk profile.
  • A dedicated team of specialists to increase your depth of resources and serve all your day to day needs.
  • Policy and endorsement reviews so your insurance policies will respond prior to a claim as predicted.
  • Contract reviews beyond insurance compliance including a comprehensive contractual risk transfer analysis.  The least expensive way to mitigate risk is through the effective negotiation of contracts with clients and vendors.
  • Bid and accrual support to assist you in pricing your product and services.
  • Experience mod projections and reviews to better educate you on the impact your current and future experience mod will have on your premiums.
  • Better coordination of loss control and claims support designed to achieve results.
  • Marketing of your company to alternative carriers to ensure your insurance program is the most comprehensive and competitive program available.

Learn how you will benefit from our other risk management services:

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