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Electric Vehicle Insurable Risk Explained

Bob Dietzel discusses the new insurance risks arising with Electric Vehicles when it comes to the different charging stations and battery storage. June 2024

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Employee Benefits are Evolving for Remote Workers

Tina Van Buren discusses how HR professionals are reevaluating benefits packages for the new norm of Working from Home and the initiatives being undertaken to address this new reality. April 2024

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What to Know About Builders Risk Insurance

Terri Quinn discusses the ins and outs of the benefits of having a builders risk policy to cover your construction projects from inception through completion. February 2024

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Get Ready for Winter With Insurance

Allison Hill discusses how our cold winter months put a strain on the electrical grid that brings a potential for business interruption. Ali discusses how business interruption insurance can help protect from financial losses resulting from a temporary shutdown or disruption from normal operations. January 2024

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Workers’ Compensation Pennsylvania Style

Mike Lucas discusses how important it is that both employers and employees know their own states workers compensation laws to ensure compliance and understanding of their rights and responsibilities. November 2023

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Leadership

Kevin McPoyle speaks on the importance of a good leader and the qualities that make that leader become successful and create success for his/her employees and workplace. November 2023

Healthcare Benefits Planning for Your Organization

Bob Dietzel discusses a systematic approach to address employees’ needs, promote better health outcomes and efficiently manage healthcare resources for your organization. October 2023

Business Risks from Technology

Zach Boyer discusses the importance of Cyber Liability Insurance as technology becomes an integral part of businesses. September 2023

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Key Components of Career and Workforce Development

Bob Dietzel discusses when career and workforce development is properly employed, team members can achieve their full potential and achieve company goals. August 2023

Central Penn Business Journal | Central Pa.'s source for business news
Examining Why Health Care Insurance Matters

Chris Van Buren speaks on how Health Care Insurance really matters, whether you are the employer, employee or a prospect looking for a new career. June 2023

Reducing Commercial Property Insurance Costs

Brian Heun discusses the rising prices of commercial property insurance and what you can do to lower your costs. June 2023

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Don’t Cut Insurance During a Recession

Kevin McPoyle discusses why you should resist the temptation to reduce your insurance coverage during a recession March 2023

Central Penn Business Journal | Central Pa.'s source for business news
Higher Property Insurance Rates Forecasted

Kevin McPoyle discusses how property insurance is projected to increase in 2023 and the indicators that forecasted the change February 2023

How Russia’s War Has Roiled the Insurance Marketplace

Brian Heun’s article discusses the 6 insurance issues that you should be monitoring as the Ukraine conflict unfolds. May 2022

Political Risk Coverage

Kevin McPoyle discusses an insurance coverage you may have never considered needing… until now April 2022

Assessing Your Company’s Safety Strategies

Bob Dietzel discussed why and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your safety program April 2022

Focus On Your PEPY Instead of Year-to-Year Change Percentages

Chris Van Buren discusses a better way to measure the competitiveness of your benefits insurance pricing. 03/28/2022

5 Steps to Help Managers Identify & Remediate Business Hazards

Brian Heun’s article in Butane-Propane News explains a simple approach to creating an enterprise risk management program – 03/07/2022

Insurance tips for home-based contractors

Keith Boyer on insurance tips for home-based contractors and how to properly make sure their business is covered. 11/22/2021

Filing a Property Insurance Claim

Gerry Sorge on the basics of a property isnurance claim and the steps to take when filing for one. 08/16/2021

Your Claim Has Been Denied

Colin McPoyle on tips to get better business insurance coverage and support. 07/23/2021

4 Ways to Protect Your Most Critical & Vulnerable Asset

Greg Chaples on protecting a company’s most vital asset – the employees. 06/28/2021

Now is the perfect time to change your health plan

Chris Van Buren on exploring and navigating alternative options for employee health care  plans. 04/26/2021  

Ethics and Insurance Fraud

Kevin McPoyle on insurance fraud and how leading with ethics produces better outcomes for people and business. 10/12/2020

What the Pandemic Can Teach Us

Kevin McPoyle on insurance lessons learned from COVID-19 and the responsibility of the insurance professional. 09/29/2020

Renovating your house? Check your homeowner’s policy

Tom Kueny on homeowner’s insurance considerations prior to beginning your home renovation project. 06/12/2020

Coronavirus is here: These are the keys to developing a business continuity plan

Brian Heun on the steps required to protect employees from COVID-19 and ensure continued productivity. 03/19/2020

Will business losses from COVID-19 be covered by insurance?

Kevin McPoyle on how to think about insurance coverage for your business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 03/17/2020

Here’s what to consider when buying builder’s risk insurance

Kevin McPoyle on what is covered and not covered and how much builder’s risk insurance you need to buy. 02/14/2020

Protecting your balance sheet against supply chain risks, disruptions

Brian Heun on how to think about your insurance and policy coverage when faced with supply chain disruptions. 02/11/2020

Your Guide to Preventing Jobsite Falls

Keith Boyer on the three-step plan your company can use to develop a workplace fall-prevention program. 02/06/2020

Can your company transfer its cyber/privacy risk contractually?

Brian Heun on whether your company can transfer its cyber/privacy risk contractually and how to do it. 09/13/2019

Are your workers employees or independent contractors?

Ingrid Dunlap on how employers determine whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor. 9/10/2019

Artificial intelligence in claims

Gerry Sorge on how the use of artificial intelligence to capture information and report claims has arrived. 09/09/2019

Don’t be surprised by environmental problems

Brian Heun on a five-step program to help identify environmental hazards and 10 related business exposures. 07/18/2019

Risks To Celebrate, Lessons to Emulate.

Kevin McPoyle on Independence Day, lessons learned, and the opportunity to make our nation a better one. 07/01/2019

Happy National Insurance Awareness Day

Kevin McPoyle on risk transference and the value of insurance in retail, healthcare, and the legal profession. 06/27/2019

Don’t Forget To Celebrate Insurance. Yes, Insurance.

Ingrid Dunlap has a few words of appreciation for National Insurance Day and her favorite industry. 06/20/2019

Sexual Harassment as a Workplace Issue

Gerry Sorge on the various types of insurance required to defend sexual harassment claims. 06/19/2019

Does a manufacturer need employment practices liability insurance?

Kevin McPoyle on why manufacturers need EPLI, why it’s important, and how to avoid charges of unfair practices. 06/06/2019

Roadside fatalities continue to rise despite technological advances

Gerry Sorge on how roadside fatalities are rising even with new improvements in auto safety technology. 05/29/2019

The Growth of Reputational Risk on Social Media

Andrew Laurie on how times have changed and how we can anticipate the many associated risks. 05/13/2019

Let umbrella insurance be your umbrella

Bob Dietzel on how commercial umbrella insurance works and how it protects the small business. 04/29/2019

The Rise of Reputational Risk

Jenean Meier on reputational damage and how social media has shortened time-to-damage. 04/30/2019

How to Choose the Best General Liability Policy for Your Business

Greg Gerber on five steps to secure the right coverage at a reasonable cost for your business. 04/15/2019

Prevent slips, trips and falls at home and work

Greg Gerber on causes of slips and falls and what to look for in products to fix stairs. 04/04/2019

Disaster Planning and Recovery Can Rescue Your Business

Brian Heun on why you need a specific policy for cyber or privacy risk management. 03/12/2019

Column: Don’t Be A Victim Of Sextortion

Kevin McPoyle on online extortion and what your business can do to defend against this form of cyber risk. 03/12/2019

Construction defects affect a New York landmark

Jenean Meier how construction errors in New York could have resulted in catastrophic losses and claims. 03/01/2019

Disaster Planning and Recovery Can Rescue Your Business

Kevin McPoyle on 11 critical steps to create a disaster action plan for your business. 02/25/2019

An Insurance Checklist For Nonprofits

Kevin McPoyle on the various types of insurances needed for most nonprofits and home-based nonprofits. 02/05/2019

Keep Your Mind On The Road This Holiday Season

Kirk Salmon on distracted driving and what to do about it. 2/03/2019

Are You Liable For Your Employee’s Sexual Misconduct?

Steve Macauley on how an EPLI policy can mitigate the risk of sexual harassment charges for your business. 11/21/2018

Don’t Ignore Risks Of Sexual Harassment

Kirk Salmon on sexual harassment and what to do about it in the workplace. 11/12/2018

Solving Our Talent Shortage

Kevin McPoyle on how to attract and recruit talent into the insurance industry. 10/26/2018

Cybersecurity Starts In The Workplace

Jenean Meier on the damage that can be caused by a cyberattack and what to do about it. 10/25/2018

Weather-related Events And Insurance Fraud

Gerry Sorge on storm fraud and workers’ comp fraud and why it’s important to proactively manage the risks. 10/02/2018

The Right Insurance Coverage for Home-Based Contractors

Keith Boyer on why most homeowners’ insurance isn’t enough and how to choose the right policies to minimize your risk. 09/18/2018

A Wakeup Call For Flood Insurance; Here’s How To Afford It

Kirk Salmon on the cost of devastating floods and a few FEMA tips on flood insurance for businesses and homeowners. 08/27/2018

Wearable Technology for Construction is the Future

Keith Boyer on wearable technology, the risks, and related privacy issues. 08/22/2018

Examining Temporary Staffing Agency Risks

Gerry Sorge on risks and insurance considerations for companies hiring temporary workers. 08/22/2018

Using InsurTech To Improve Claims Management

Jenean Meier on how technology is providing new ways for insurers to meet customers’ needs. 08/16/2018

How to Build a Strong Hurricane Contingency Plan

Keith Boyer on steps you can take to help manage risks to construction worksites from hurricanes. 08/02/2018

Risk Can Be Found Lurking In Every Business

Kirk Salmon on risks in business and the four-step FACT approach. 07/23/2018

Why Your Insurance Policy Should Cover More than Damage

Keith Boyer on the three types of losses business interruption insurance covers. 07/12/2018

Home-based Business? You Need Insurance For That, Too

Tom Kueny on the types and amounts of insurance coverage appropriate to each home-based business. 07/12/2018

Broker Perspective: Get Back to Basics

Kevin McPoyle on fundamentals in insurance and how specialization can be a powerful “force multiplier”. 07/05/2018

How to Protect Against Contingent Business Risk

Keith Boyer on how a professional risk manager can help you prepare and outlast negative situations. 07/02/2018

Should You Fire Your Insurance Broker?

Keith Boyer on why you should work with someone who can protect every aspect of your business. 07/18/2018

Construction Firms Would Do Well To Check Insurance Policy

Kevin McPoyle on the many elements of a successful risk-transfer program. 06/04/2018

Remembering Our Veterans

Kirk Salmon on Memorial Day and why we should hire them too. 05/28/2018

8 Types of Business Insurance

Kirk Salmon on the various types of insurance needed by many businesses. 05/21/2018

Distracted Driving By The Numbers

Gerry Sorge on how accidents due to inattentive drivers are rising despite awareness of the risks. 05/17/2018

Does Your Construction Business Need EPLI?

Keith Boyer on EPLI and how your construction company can avoid unnecessary charges. 05/15/2018

Cyberthieves Target Small Businesses, Too – So Defend Well

Kirk Salmon on cybersecurity and the dangers of ransomware and WI-FI hotspots. 04/30/2018

Reflections of a Middleman

Steve Macauley on why it’s about time someone stood up for the middleman. 04/20/2018

Identify, control and continually review hazards at work

Kirk Salmon on five steps to set your company on the right course. 04/09/2018

10 Attributes to Look for in a Risk Management Outsourcing Partner

Keith Boyer on how to choose a professional risk partner that will best fit your company. 04/02/2018

What We’ve Learned From Hurricanes Harvey, Maria And Irma

Gerry Sorge on personnel and supply chain issues for insurers before and after a hurricane. 04/02/2018

Picking the Best General Liability Policy for Your Business

Bob Dietzel on five steps to secure the right coverage at a reasonable cost while minimizing business risks. 03/12/2018

Playing it safe: Cybersecurity for small-to-medium-sized businesses

Bob Dietzel on cybersecurity and how to secure your home and office. 03/08/2018

Reflecting on Our Mission: Why I Am Proud to Work in Insurance

Kevin McPoyle on the many reasons he is proud to work in the insurance industry. 01/08/2018

7 Tips For A More Effective Insurance Claim

Jenean Meier shares seven tips to develop an effective insurance claim and a better claims management system. 12/15/2017

Risk Management for Nanotechnology and Food Recalls

Bob Dietzel on how insurance carriers can help assess and transfer the growing risks from food recalls and nanotechnology. 11/28/2017

Pennsylvania’s KMRD Partners Works Hard to Never Stop Improving

Profile on why KMRD is Best Agency to Work For Silver Award in Insurance Journal‘s East region. 11/21/2017

Coming to Terms With Pollution-Related Exposures

Brian Heun on a five-step program to help companies identify and remediate business hazards.. 11/03/2017

Leading Safety versus Measuring Failures

Steve Macauley on key guidelines regarding OSHA-compliant company safety program management for building service contractors. 11/01/2018

The Importance Of Checking Insurance Provisions In A Commercial Lease

Bob Dietzel on why it’s important for insureds to review the insurance provisions in their commercial leases prior to signing documents. 09/18/2017

Executive Perspective: Our Time to Lead; Risk Remains When Waters Recede

Bob Dietzel on the important role risk managers and insurance professionals play to mitigate flood risk. 09/12/2017

2018 OSHA Update

Bob Dietzel on key guidelines regarding OSHA-compliant safety program management for contractors and construction companies. 08/30/2017

The Benefits of Followership

Andrew Laurie on how without followers there are no leaders and tips on how to help employees become better followers. 07/10/2017

The Promise of Insurtech

Kevin McPoyle on how to lead we must accept change and embrace the positive aspects of technology shift. 06/19/2017

What Can the Battlefield Teach Us About Leadership?

Kevin McPoyle on the right qualities necessary to be a good leader. 05/26/2017

How to Build Productive Underwriter/Broker Relationships

Keith Boyer on how both sides can work to create stronger, tension-free relationships with a list of commonsense rules to follow. 05/17/2017

Where Are the Thought Leaders in the Insurance Industry?

Kevin McPoyle on why it’s time for the insurance industry to come forward with thought leadership, particularly on emerging risk issues. 04/24/2017

The Power of Good Press

Kevin McPoyle on the importance of the insurance industry in our daily lives. 04/19/2017

Building an Effective Safety & Health Management Program

John Garber on new guidelines for employers to utilize in developing and implementing an effective safety and health management program. 12/27/2016

Post-Injury Drug Testing Policies

John Garber on what you need to know about OSHA’s electronic reporting rule and how it will impact your drug testing policies. 10/07/2016

Risks Ahead: Food Recalls and Nanotechnology

Kevin McPoyle on how insurance professionals can help food companies assess, mitigate and transfer growing risks. 06/20/2016

KMRD Partners donates meals to local communities and Ebola-stricken nations

Kevin McPoyle on how KMRD wanted to get closer to the holiday spirit (than a holiday card) and actually serve others. 12/16/2014

Column: Work On Your Handshake!

Brian Heun on how his approach to marketing and sales relies heavily on meeting others face to face. 07/31/2014

Thanking Them For Their Service With Jobs

Kevin McPoyle on how as Memorial Day approaches companies should consider honoring veterans by hiring one. 05/21/2014

Should Businesses Report a Cyber Breach? The Jury’s Still Out

Bob Dietzel on how to advise clients on issues related to cyber liability, data breach events, and cyber coverage. 04/07/2014

You Don’t Need Fear To Sell Cyber Insurance

Kevin McPoyle on the importance of letting your clients know that a cyber breach can happen to anyone and what to do about it. 03/05/2014

Advise Clients About 4 Kinds of Second-Hand Risk–Slideshow

Bob Dietzel on how agents and underwriters owe it to their clients to communicate the benefits of coverage for contingent events. 07/03/2013

Thinking of Veterans on Memorial Day

Kevin McPoyle on several national initiatives to make it easy to hire a highly qualified vet. 05/23/2013

Targeting the Other 1 Percent: Hiring Veterans

Kevin McPoyle on why hiring veterans might be a natural fit for the insurance industry. 05/17/2013

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

Brian Heun on how underwriters and agents unwilling to act as consultants will become relics. 04/23/2013

The Benefits of Partnership

Kevin McPoyle on the underwriter / agent and client / agent relationship, and at what point it becomes a partnership. 04/09/2013

Commercial Agencies of the Year Share Success Secrets in Exclusive Roundtable

Article on how Bob Dietzel was invited to join a roundtable of winners of the NU/AA&B award to share insights. 11/04/2011

Award-Winning Agency’s Own Management System Helps It Stand Above Competition

Article on how KMRD uses a proprietary agency-management system to help the firm stand above the competition. 10/31/2011

NU/AA&B Commercial Agency Awards for Excellence: KMRD

Article on how KMRD has one of the highest employee-to-client ratios in the insurance industry and the reasons they won the award. 09/28/2011

Case Study: Claim To Excellence

Article about how trust is earned the old-fashioned way at KMRD Partners: without shortcuts. 09/29/2011

PC 360 – Excellent Agencies

Article congratulating the three winners of the annual Commercial Agency Awards For Excellence. 09/28/2011