Risk Control Services

Our risk control professionals will help you create and implement safety and loss control programs and provide a healthy work environment to minimize your cost of risk.

At KMRD, our team provides risk control services to supplement those offered by our insurance company partners. This can include inspections, training, education, analysis of loss trends and even the coordination of our insurance carrier’s service commitment.

We begin each client relationship with a risk control assessment of your operations – from a safety and compliance perspective. After completion of the assessment we’ll work together to identify initiatives and establish a risk management initiatives (RMI’s) worksheet where we will document mutually established initiatives, set completion goals, and determine accountability at each step of the process. It will become our monitoring and follow-up mechanism. Together, our accomplishments (RMA’s) become part of a stewardship report for both you and the insurance company’s underwriters.

With a proven process in place, we’ll assist you in review and design efforts to reduce future claims and compliance-related risks. Our risk control team will offer recommendations and assist you in the development and implementation process. And, as your accomplishments improve your story to the insurance marketplace, we can work together to deliver broader coverage and reduced premiums.

Learn how you will benefit from our other risk management services:

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