Incident Investigation and Reporting Webinar Recording

For those who missed our webinar on “Incident Investigation and Reporting”, here is a recording! Our experts discuss how you should respond to incidents, whether large or small and how it has a direct impact on your ability to prevent future occurrences. Ingrid Dunlap (Risk Manager at KMRD Partners) is teamed up Kate Maness (EHS […]

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Why is Incident Reporting and Investigation a Vital Component of Workplace Safety?

  Incident reporting lets workers report an accident or a near-miss incident. The goal is to promote safety and prevent future incidents by learning from past events. Did you know that incident reporting is one component of workplace safety? Incident reporting helps organizations make informed decisions for employee training and safety programs. Investigations may identify […]

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John Garber’s Article on Building an Effective Safety & Health Management Program

Building and Effective Safety and Health Management Program

John Garber, Jr., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP was Published in Arbill’s Winter 2016 “Safer Every Day” magazine. John’s article entitled “Building An Effective Safety & Health Management Program” explores Hazard Identification, Assessment, Prevention and Control with OSHA’s New Guidelines.  The new guidelines provide a flexible framework for employers to utilize in developing and implementing an effective safety […]

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Risks Ahead. Are drones a safety risk?

Are drones a safety risk? Pilots think so. “We’re not kidding when we say it has to be mitigated as a threat,” according to Tim Canoll, president of the Air Line Pilots Association. “Your imagination can run wild with the problems of hitting hard metal objects at 200 mph.” As of February 2016, more than […]

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Substance abuse affects 70% of US businesses

Substance abuse affects 70% of US businesses, according to a recent study fielded by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Substance abusers represent approximately 17% of the average workforce. Substance abusers typically cost a company about $7,000 per user, per year. Substance abusers cause 35% of all industrial injuries and fatalities. According to […]

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Workers Compensation – Work Related Injuries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Academy of Social Insurance, these are the 10 leading causes of the most disabling work-related injuries: Overexertion involving outside source Falls on same level Falls to lower level Struck by object or equipment Other exertions or bodily reactions Roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicle […]

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Workers Compensation Jurisdiction

In the case of the jurisdiction of a Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claim, Watt v. WCAB (Boyd Brothers Transportation), the Commonwealth Court recently addressed the question of whether a Pennsylvania resident’s claim could be processed in Pennsylvania although he was injured in a different state. The court ruled against his claim. The Commonwealth Court applied the […]

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Pennsylvania Workers Compensation loss cost rate decrease

KMRD - Are You Ready For One Minute From Normal?

The Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB) said the Pennsylvania Insurance Department has approved PCRB’s filing which calls for an overall average workers’ compensation loss cost decrease of 0.90% from existing loss costs.  This is not a universal reduction but rather based on class codes.  Some rates may remain constant. Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller approved […]

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