Reduce Workplace Injuries With An Effective Risk Control Plan

Effective Risk Control Plan

Taking risks with employee safety and health can lead to workplace injuries and losses to your business’s bottom line. Developing an effective risk control plan will help you identify and eliminate hazards and control risks.

Injuries related to lifting, carrying and lowering materials ranked as the leading cause of workplace injury between 2010 and 2014, representing 32 percent of all workplace accidents, according to Traveler’s Injury Impact Report. The report analyzed more than 1.5 million workers compensation claims and also found manufacturing and retain sectors have the highest risk for these types of injuries.

According to J. Paul Leigh, a professor of health economics at the University of California, Davis, work-related injuries and illnesses cost companies and taxpayers $250 billion per year – with the average Worker’s compensation plan covering less than 25 percent all workplace injuries.

KMRD Delivers Effective Risk Control Plans

KMRD has experienced risk professionals and the right set of risk control services to help you design a proactive approach to controlling risk. Our team can provide:

  • on-site risk control plan assessments to help formulate an effective action plan.
  • personalized scorecards with your safety program strengths and weaknesses.
  • loss analysis to identify specific loss drivers and rank areas of improvement.
  • risk control training and education covering a wide range of relevant safety topics.
  • loss prevention (safety) and loss control (injury management) plan implementation and risk control programs.

Our Risk Control Plans Deliver Benefits

At KMRD, we begin with a risk control plan assessment of your business from a safety and compliance perspective. Using a disciplined approach, proven processes and our award-winning risk management portal, we’ll help you establish a risk management initiatives (RMI’s) worksheet where we will document mutually established initiatives, set completion goals, and determine accountability at each step of the process. The RMI will become our monitoring and follow-up mechanism to help you develop a sustainable capability to proactively manage your business risk. And our risk management accomplishments (RMA’s) will become part of a stewardship report for both you and the insurance company’s underwriters.

We’ll assist you in review and design efforts to reduce future claims and compliance-related risks, and our risk control team will offer recommendations and assist in the development and implementation of your risk control plan.

By partnering with KMRD, you’ll be able to develop and carry out effective safety and risk control plans to lower frequency of injury and severity of accidents, reduce exposures to liability and loss, and improve protection of your assets and profitability.

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