5 Benefits Of An Effective Absence Management Program

An effective absence management program can control workplace absence resulting from illness or injury through effective claims management and proven human capital strategies.

While an individual absence may appear to be inconsequential, taken together they can negatively affect an organization’s financial well-being, work product and human resources.  Here are five ways an effective absence management program works to improve employee attendance:

  1. Current employees will no longer need to fill in for the absent employee, leading to a lighter individual workload and increases in employee morale.
  2. Fewer employees filling in means more people “on-the-job” are trained to complete the job, and this can mean less risk of injury. Less injury means fewer employees absent at work.
  3. Fewer absences means no more project delays and fewer work product inconsistencies.
  4. Fewer absent employees creates less resentment among peers at work, resulting in a potential decrease in absenteeism from work.
  5. Everyone working can translate into lighter workloads which can mean fewer mistakes and a decrease in subsequent cost overruns.

Employers can mitigate risks due to absenteeism through effective monitoring programs. Managing Workers’ Compensation losses should be one of the first steps in designing an effective absence management program. Creating an environment of accountability and concern, together, sets the appropriate behavioral tone for employees to see the illness and Workers’ Compensation processes as a responsibility by all parties to manage properly.

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Absences not supported by a valid reason can be dealt with under disciplinary procedures that have been published in advance. Any effective absence management program should strike a balance between supporting employees with legitimate health/ injury issues, while at the same time taking consequential action against employees who abuse their discretion.

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