Top Reasons Why KMRD Should Be Your Outsourced Risk Partner

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Thinking about outsourcing risk management at your business? Well, you’re not alone. Outsourcing the risk management function can reduce costs and improve the quality of your risk management program.

A key CFO role is to manage risk – and so it should come as no surprise most CFO’s want an insurance professional who is consultative, results-oriented and hyper-focused on helping them manage and reduce business risk. It’s simply not enough to “sell” insurance to them. CFO’s today want a real business partner in risk management. CFO’s looking to outsource this function want an outsourced risk partner who will help them identify and assess risks, evaluate and mitigate (or transfer) the risks, and then continue to monitor and manage the risks to ensure the risk program is continually optimized.

Most traditional agents aren’t set up to evaluate risk. They are compensated to “sell insurance”. KMRD is different. We believe CFO’s want something more. Our differentiator – the KMRD Advantage – is we’ve figured out how to combine what CFO’s want most – a highly disciplined approach, a proven process, a top-tier service team, and an award-winning risk management technology to reduce costs, manage risk, and secure the business.

Below are a few of the top reasons CFO’s outsource the risk management function to an outsourced risk partner include:

  1. to reduce costs associated with operations and labor
  2. to gain access to top-tier capabilities
  3. to focus on the core business issues
  4. to delegate functions which are difficult to manage and control
  5. to help the company reduce risk


Make KMRD Partners your strategic outsourced risk partner.  We’re ready to help you proactively control the cost of risk and implement the right strategies to make your business strong. Our team has the proven industry experience to understand your specific challenges and provide objective advice you can count on. And we’re set up to help you manage risk through insurance and risk programs backed by our disciplined approach, proven processes, dedicated service team, and our collaborative risk management portal.


  • Thoughtful, broad, thoroughly negotiated and examined coverage terms and conditions for a risk management program to provide support to your organizations strategic objectives.
  • Highly structured service plans specifically designed to meet your unique needs. The plan and our progress are accessible 24/7 through a secure portal. It is impossible for us to over-promise and under-deliver (and stay in business)!
  • Improvements to your risk profile by establishing “to do” initiatives and then monitoring progress and tracking risk management accomplishments which improve your risk profile.
  • A dedicated team of specialists to increase your depth of resources and serve all your day to day needs. We’re business professionals with deep risk management expertise and experience.
  • Policy and endorsement reviews so your insurance policies will respond prior to a claim as negotiated and predicted.
  • A renewal process which is timely (weeks not days ahead of the effective date), thorough and focused on achieving your business goals.
  • Contract reviews beyond insurance compliance including a comprehensive contractual risk transfer analysis. The least expensive way to mitigate risk is through the effective negotiation of contracts with clients and vendors.
  • Bid and accrual support to assist you in pricing your product and services.
  • Experience mod projections and reviews to better educate you on the impact your current and future experience mod will have on your premiums.
  • Better coordination of loss control and claims support designed to achieve results.
  • Support for your worldwide needs through the most comprehensive Broker network in the industry.
  • Marketing of your company to alternative carriers to ensure your insurance program is the most comprehensive and competitive program available.
  • Effective, efficient follow-up on your claims from a dedicated and experienced claims staff advocating on your behalf for the best outcome. You’ll know where you stand.
  • Unvarnished, direct communication, good and bad news, on every issue affecting your risk management program.
  • Transparency on all aspects of your partnership with KMRD.

KMRD’s clients are supported by risk professionals with years of proven experience and our team partners to deliver a full consultative, outsourced risk management service that is customized to your specific organization’s needs.

Contact us to discuss how KMRD can tailor our capabilities to meet your objectives.

Bob Dietzel is the Co-Founder and Principal at KMRD Partners Risk & Insurance Solutions, a leading risk management and human capital solutions firm the Philadelphia region.

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