Top Reasons Why KMRD Should Be Your Outsourced Risk Partner

outsourced risk partner

Thinking about outsourcing risk management at your business? Well, you’re not alone. Outsourcing the risk management function can reduce costs and improve the quality of your risk management program. A key CFO role is to manage risk – and so it should come as no surprise most CFO’s want an insurance professional who is consultative, […]

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How To Choose a Risk Management Outsourcing Partner

risk management outsourcing

A successful risk management outsourcing partner must possess the vision, skills, education, experience, knowledge, temperament and tools to identify, mitigate and transfer risk. In choosing the right partner, a company must also determine if this individual or team possesses a good fit with your organization. The “outsider” must earn the trust, respect and credibility required […]

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Examine Your Insurance Policy Wording For Effective Risk Management

Effective Risk Management

An effective risk management strategy should include careful policy and endorsement reviews to correct potential uninsured problems and avoid an expensive coverage-litigation battle. Most risk management consultants are never taught the proper way to read and interpret an insurance policy or correct policy language. This can result in coverage denials, missed opportunities, and keep you […]

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