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Bob Dietzel was the guest on the latest podcast of “On Top of PR” about Crisis Communications Insurance. Bob joins host Jason Mudd from Axia Public Relations to talk candidly about the insurance you may not know you needed for the crisis you never planned for.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What corporate crisis insurance does
  • How to know insurance covers your crisis management
  • Which in-house employee to speak to in order to learn more about the crisis insurance plan
  • Who to speak to at the insurance company to understand your insurance plan
  • Why it’s important to have crisis insurance


  • “Research shows that for every dollar you spend on crisis planning, you’ll save $7 during a crisis.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “It doesn’t cost anything to start building a relationship other than your time.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “From an insurance perspective, it’s important to understand that ‘reputation’ is a broad term and it’s not insured.” — @BobDietzel


Hosted by Jason Mudd from Axia Public Relations


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