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When you file an insurance claim it usually means an unplanned event has occurred, and unplanned events are almost never good news. That’s why it’s so important to be able to trust the claims advocacy process and have it work for you – not against you. Best case scenario is your claims are filed professionally and timely, and honored in full. But how often does “best case” happen for you? If your answer is “not enough” or “never” then it’s time to meet KMRD.

How the KMRD Advocacy Process Works

At KMRD, our team of claims professionals have unparalleled expertise and are ready to advocate for coverage and resolution of claims, negotiate on your behalf for optimal outcomes, and even conduct claims reviews and strategy sessions. We’re set up to advocate on your behalf to streamline all facets of the claims advocacy process and take a proactive role to make sure claims get paid quickly, costs are reduced, and productivity goes up.

Our goal is to help reduce the frequency, impact and severity of your claims, get claims paid quickly, and reduce your overall loss picture.

We are your champions focused on reducing premiums and the overall cost of risk by maximizing coverage on first party coverages such as property, liability and workers compensation losses. We increase communication and results by submitting claims to the carrier in a clear manner designed to trigger coverage. Because lawsuits often include many allegations, some of which had not been anticipated by the insurance policy, we focus on allegations that trigger the carrier to defend our insureds and provide coverage.

In preparing claims follow-ups to carriers and status updates to clients, our claims team challenge the carrier in fundamental areas including description of circumstances that gave rise to the claim, the current paid, reserves and expenses and the rationale behind reserves. We challenge the rationale if they consider it to be invalid.

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In addition to preparing a resolution strategy, we’ll even coach claims service providers to change strategies if we mutually decide these strategies will not achieve the desired results. When there is a claim, our team will submit an estimated time frame for resolution. And we always push for resolution. We also suggest risk control initiatives to prevent this type of claim from recurring.

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Our team also prepares management loss reports for better decision making, and to communicate loss trends that assist in establishing risk control initiatives and follow up on large and red flag losses to ensure proper attention is being paid by all accountable parties. On a periodic basis we’ll prepare loss summaries to help you better understand policy performance. This approach assists you in budgeting and forecasting future premiums and making better-informed business decisions.

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Successful handling of claims can significantly impact your bottom line. Our clients trust us to customize and manage their claims advocacy process to reduce costs, improve reporting and prevent further loss experiences. If you are struggling and need help, our claims team is set up to help you every step of the way.

12 Situations When It Makes Sense to Use KMRD to Improve Your Claims Advocacy Process

Having control of your claims advocacy process means peace of mind. Our dedicated claims team is set up to handle and settle all your claims. We have the resources and expertise to provide you with the very best claims advocacy support and management available. Below are 12 situations where our team can jump in and immediately add value to your business:

  • You need help minimizing third-party payouts
  • You need us to challenge findings of insurance carriers’ actuals on loss payments
  • You want to create service plans and streamline the claims advocacy process
  • You want to analyze losses and have us provide recommendations for reduction
  • You want to prepare agreements and establish online access to carriers and third-party administrators
  • You need help because an employee had a serious work related injury
  • You just found out about loss or damage to property, equipment or a vehicle that could negatively impact your business
  • Your carrier recently informed you there may not be adequate coverage
  • You are having trouble reaching a settlement with your carrier or the settlement offer does not meet your expectations
  • Your adjuster has not reached out or contacted you; you need their contact info
  • You have new information to share about a previously reported claim
  • You need to resolve the claim immediately

Please contact us below or call us at 866-957-KMRD (5673) to talk with one of our claims professionals.

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Note: This content is provided as general background information and should not be taken as legal advice or financial advice for your particular situation. Make sure to get individual advice on your case from a KMRD risk professional before taking any action.


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