Why Risk Management is Awesome at KMRD

Co-founders Bob Dietzel and Kevin McPoyle created KMRD Partners over 10 years ago out of a desire to do something different and bold.

Their intent was to change the way businesses buy insurance and service customers with greater transparency than exists in the traditional insurance model. They focused on providing high quality risk management and insurance to midsize companies than what these firms typically received from their insurance broker. And the process, they created a place where employees could love risk management. Here’s why risk management is awesome at KMRD.

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To deliver this high level of support, KMRD recognized a new approach to risk management was needed to raise the professional standards in their industry. The firm adopted a method of doing business that would integrate specific core values into every aspect of the customer relationship. Those four standards, as they refer to them, guide how the firm’s employees conduct the often complex process of analyzing customers insurance needs.

Standard #1 is “Integrity First” – and KMRD describes its meaning in a clear and uncomplicated manner “We will provide our clients not just a nuanced truth but the complete truth.” Putting Integrity First, in a business can be difficult because it means having to tell the truth even when it results in losing a business opportunity or making less profit. But KMRD sees integrity as a fundamental requirement to building their clients trust.

Standard #2 is “Client-facing, Client-focused” – and also contributes to the building of trust. Because KMRD often acts as an arm of their customer’s own operation, and advises on decisions that can have great financial impact, their customers rely on them to provide a level of accountability they expect from their own employees.

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Standard #3 is “Continuous Improvement” – Contrary to the normal industry standard, KMRD doesn’t place individualized revenue goals on its newly hired employees for the first three years of their tenure. The principles of the firm believe that having three years of continuous improvement and training helps to develop confident, smart and focused employees who will in turn provide superior support to their customers once they are responsible for business growth.

Standard #4 is “Attention to Detail” – The best example of how this applies is found in their method for auditing existing clients’ policies. Their analysis involves reading and commenting on 750 to 1200 contractual terms and conditions before even thinking about making a recommendation to the client.

By applying these standards consistently across their organization, KMRD has raised the expectations companies have for their insurance and risk partners.

At 0:28 in the video above you’ll see a few of the awards KMRD has won over the years. We’ve been named Inc. 5000 honoree five times and ranked as one of “America’s Best Independent Agencies to Work For” by Insurance Journal. Below are a few of our many awards we’ve won:


At 0:42 in the video above you can see a group picture with 15 of our people. We actually employ a few more talented risk professionals than what you can see here. The rest of our KMRD team.

At 0:49 and 1:25 in the video above we have Bob Dietzel sitting at his office desk. And at 1:00, Kevin McPoyle is working at his “standing desk”.

At 1:28 and 1:31 in the video above you can see Keith Boyer. He is Managing Partner for KMRD. Visit his bio page to learn more about Keith Boyer.

At 1:46 in the video above you will see Mike Brown, a Partner at KMRD. Visit his bio page to learn more about Mike Brown.

At 2:02 in the video above you will see our “Societas Award”. We are very proud of it because this award program honors businesses in Eastern Pennsylvania that demonstrate responsible corporate conduct in terms of legal compliance, corporate and individual accountability, commitment to stakeholders, and social responsibility.

At 1:55 in the video above through to the end you will see many of our employees giving lectures, presenting and doing their work.

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