How KMRD Got Started – In Their Own Words | Video + Notes

Over the last decade, while scores of other regional companies struggled or were snapped up by nationals, KMRD Partners has quietly thrived, expanding its risk management solutions and insurance brokerage services to more than 600 clients nationwide. Here are the cliff notes to the company history video below:

  • The original vision Bob Dietzel and Kevin McPoyle had for KMRD was to create the ideals of a company that was targeting the large account market to the middle market.
  • They both came from a larger firm and felt strongly that there was another whole market of companies that needed the same high level of sophisticated service but weren’t getting the attention from the large brokers.
  • Their vision was to run lean and bring their knowledge base to other under-served organizations, and do it with the right high level of care and support.
  • In order to do it they had to develop the right technology so they could be more efficient in accomplishing those ideals.
  • The first year, they started business with one computer, two guys, a rented office space and a three year non-compete agreement.
  • They didn’t do focus group, or market studies, but because they believed in what they were doing, they just jumped in and went for it.
  • Bob and Kevin spent the first year proving out their approach. They found it was worth doing and also found a desire from many CEO’s and business owners who thought they were in good shape from a risk management perspective, only to find out they needed some additional help. That’s where KMRD was able to step in.
  • Everyone supported the new company Bob and Kevin created. Former clients, referral sources, insurance carriers – they all wanted KMRD to succeed.
  • By the end of the first year, Bob and Kevin wrote enough business to bring on two employees and establish a book of business in excess of $1M. At that point, the both know the model they had developed was going to work.
  • The KMRD model delivered value to clients. The model delivered value to their sales people. And it differentiated the new firm in the marketplace that is very difficult to stand out in.
  • The original core ideals Bob and Kevin held – combined with KMRD’s proven approach, better service model, unique technology and experienced risk management team – all helped to move the growing firm into the large account marketplace where they are now able to competitively deliver better and more efficient service, at a lower cost.


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