Executing E&O Claims

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Executing E&O Claims

At our website www.oneminutefromnormal.com we ask visitors the question: What if an unscheduled event suddenly seizes control of your business? Are you ready?

Even the best managed professional services firms can potentially be accused of negligence by a client or vendor. After all, even conscientious, diligent staff members can make mistakes. As a result, it is imperative to choose an E&O policy that can protect your firm’s assets and reputation from potential financial ruin.

When choosing your E&O coverage, it is also important to consider your insurance agency’s claims management expertise. While having the right insurance coverage is challenging and critically important, being able to trigger this coverage can be equally challenging and important.

When it comes to E&O, claims can be extremely complicated and are also subject to rigorous scrutiny by the insurance carrier. This means coverage must be clearly written to be bulletproof, and your agent must be able to act as your advocate in skillfully and energetically presenting your claim.

Before awarding your E&O business to an agency, you should first understand the claims staff’s capacity and experience.

At KMRD Partners, we understand expertise in assessing and transferring risk through proper insurance coverage is only part of what it takes to properly service our insureds. We also support our insureds with experienced, knowledgeable claims management professionals who act as their advocates following one minute from normal.

KMRD reduces the overall cost of risk for clients by producing a greater value for each insurance dollar spent, while utilizing an enterprise risk management approach to engineer the optimal solution. The firm’s diagnostic process is supported by its unique collaborative technology, KMRD XCHANGE ®

We are dedicated to anticipating risk and helping firms recover from unplanned events that wait on the other side of one minute from normal.

To review your organization’s E&O coverage please contact your KMRD Partners relationship manager or e-mail us at contactus@kmrdpartners.com before one minute from normal strikes.

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