Cyber security is an enterprise level assignment

Cyber security is an enterprise level assignment

Once upon a time, security management for sensitive data either personal or professional, would be limited to the IT department. Today, cyber risks are wide ranging and include lost or stolen data, violation of privacy laws, intellectual property infringement and social media-related risks such as cyber-bullying and textual harassment.  As a result, the combined efforts of Risk Management, Information Technology, and other corporate departments are essential to effectively defend against cyber-related threats.

To judge whether or not your firm is adequately protected against cyber-related threats, you can begin by determining if it is following an enterprise-wide or at least multi-departmental approach to information security and cyber risk management.

Of course, cyber security insurance coverage is also essential to adequately protect your firm from cyber-related threats.  Associates at KMRD Partners are available to provide detailed information to help you make an informed decision from among the different coverage options. You can also visit to learn about CNA’s Netprotect suite of products.

KMRD reduces the overall cost of risk for clients by producing a greater value for each insurance dollar spent, while utilizing an enterprise risk management approach to engineer the optimal solution. The firm’s diagnostic process is supported by its unique collaborative technology, KMRD XCHANGE ®

We are dedicated to anticipating risk and helping firms recover from unplanned events that wait on the other side of one minute from normal.

To identify and correct coverage and service gaps in your insurance contact us at before one minute from normal strikes your company.


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