A Proven Technology Provider Offering Workplace Temperature and Screening Questionnaire Monitoring: Data Display Systems (DDS)

By Bob Gatta and Bob Dietzel, ARM, CIC

For nearly 40 years, self-service, interactive kiosks delivered digital information and ad-based content to billions of consumers all across the world. Now, facing the outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), one company is transitioning its engineering staff and committing substantial resources to develop innovative solutions to help the world prepare for getting back to work safely.

Founded in 1968, Data Display Systems (DDS) began designing electronics for the aerospace industry and later shifted focus to manufacturing electronic systems for point of purchase display systems. After cementing itself as a world leader in electronic display systems – and earning multiple awards for creative engineering – the DDS team decided the time was right to focus its attention to help meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

DDS’s response leverages its fifty-plus year history as a US-based technology provider to the point-of-purchase display industry while providing critical enhancements for information privacy and community safety.

By combining temperature measurement, customizable screening questions and hand sanitizing with a proprietary Remote Content Management (RCM) system, this health screener kiosk allows businesses, hospitals, clinics and offices to gather real-time information, which is accessible by remote administrator(s) at a later time. This will allow businesses to get back to work safely while balancing the new practices aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 with the need to protect employee and visitor privacy.

To learn more about how Data Display Systems (DDS) Health Screener kiosk can help your organization improve community safety, information privacy, and compliance, please call DDS at 1-800.220.1270 or visit them online at https://www.dd-usa.com/healthcare-solutions/ or email DDS Sales at sales@dd-usa.com.

One of the big challenges that both manufacturers and technology providers face when developing solutions for getting back to work is the need to effectively merge ease-of-use, workplace health and safety, and the requirement for proper compliance. DDS’s Workplace Health and Safety Temperature and Screener Monitoring solution, the Health Screener, does all of this in spades.

One of the key differentiators is its ability to merge and access nondescript employee ID numbers with temperature readings and answers to a questionnaire in a secure electronic database. This means that when a business uses the DDS solution to conduct temperature testing for employees, retail customers and patrons, all merged data stays secure and accessible from a remote and/or centralized location and can only be accessed by someone in Corporate HR, Employee Health and Safety Office, or local HR/EHS Officer or other authorized system administrator(s).

How The DDS Health Screener Kiosk Works Step By Step For Users

Before entering a building or facility, the employee, patient, guest or visitor approaches the DDS kiosk and the motion sensor is triggered and notifies the user to apply the hand sanitizer before proceeding. This critical step means that every person who steps up to the DDS kiosk only touches the tablet (which resides within the kiosk) with clean, recently sanitized hands.

After the sanitizer is dispensed, the screen seamlessly changes to a customizable message (both background and message are customizable) such as “Swipe Badge”, “Enter Employee Number”, or “Reason for Visit”. All messages are customizable by the business for their specific use case.

Video for Manufacturers; How to Protect Employees

This video shows how manufacturing firms can use the DDS Health Screener.

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Video For Businesses; How to Protect Employees

This video shows how businesses can use the DDS Health Screener.

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After the user performs the customizable identification action a screening questionnaire appears which asks employees or guests a series of questions as determined by the businesses designated administrator(s).  If the questions are answered correctly, the screen seamlessly changes and applies a new customizable message, such as “Place forehead within 10″ of the temperature sensor”. (Again, both background and messaging are customizable.).  If the questions are answered incorrectly, the user can be asked to contact a supervisor and/or an email or text can be sent to a designated contact.

After the screening questions are answered and the temperature is taken and recorded, a set of next steps can be customized by the administrative user through the RCM and shown to the user (from within the tablet interface in the kiosk):

  • If the temperature is within a normal range – and this can be dictated by the customer – a customizable welcome message displays on the screen and the kiosk reverts back to the idle screen.
  • If the temperature is outside a normal range, a customizable message can be made to appear advising the user to wait for “secondary verification” before proceeding. In this case, a text or email is sent to the appropriate customer contact, who can then verify the reading.
  • The Health Screener kiosk can also be programmed to control access by locking and unlocking a door, gate or turnstile.

How the Remote Content Management (RCM) System Works For Admin Users

Behind the scenes, an email or text alert can be sent to the customer’s internal contact (an admin user within the RCM) after a prescribed number of users to replenish hand sanitizer lotion, and clean the touchscreen.

In addition, the customer admin (a designated HR or EHS Manager) is able to access temperature readings and answers to screening questions by employee, using nondescript employee identification.  This information is accessible at any time by the designated administrator(s).

With the RCM, system admin users have access to update, change and control messaging from a central location. Alerts can be sent out from the kiosk when the sanitizer needs to be refilled.

During those times when the kiosk is in idle mode, the tablet within the kiosk plays a customizable message that is developed and managed by the customer. This idle message is completely customizable, for example, “Safety Tip of the Week” or “Open Enrollment on the 28th” and can be changed at any time.

In addition, the DDS RCM system constantly receives information from the kiosk, alerting the admin that it is working and operational. All RCM system administrators have virtual access to:

  • manage content on multiple kiosks from a remote location
  • control and deliver custom messaging (global or targeted) to each location
  • monitor tablet screen messages to make sure the correct message is displayed
  • collect engagement data from each kiosk and access from remote location
  • monitor sanitizer levels and receive reminder alerts for touchscreen cleaning
  • customize content decision formats based on questionnaire responses or temperature reading results

The first executive orders from most governors recommended the use of masks, some degree of separation, and many require individual temperature testing and asking employees and visitors a series of screening questions before entering the workplace. Whether you run a small business, car dealership, restaurant, or gym, if you looking for a way to combine workplace health and safety with an electronic record to meet future compliance issues, consider the DDS Health Screener kiosk.

About Data Display Systems

Data Display Systems is an industry leader in the engineering, development and production of stock and custom Audio and Video Players, Interactives, LED Lighting and virtually everything “electronic”. We have been servicing the industry for almost 50 years and it is attributed to our dedicated staff and team of engineers based right in Philadelphia. Data Display Systems offers a higher standard with our importing expertise, testing protocol, in-house engineering and production capabilities. Learn more our Healthcare solutions at https://www.dd-usa.com/healthcare-solutions/

To discuss the Health Screener or to purchase the solution – please call DDS at 1-800.220.1270 or visit them online at https://www.dd-usa.com/healthcare-solutions/ or email DDS Sales at sales@dd-usa.com.

Bob Gatta, CEO at Data Display Systems, LLC, a U.S. manufacturer that engineers custom video, audio, lighting, and interactive solutions for companies who want to captivate and engage customers.

Bob Dietzel is the Co-Founder and Principal at KMRD Partners Risk & Insurance Solutions, a leading risk management and human capital solutions firm the Philadelphia region.

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