KMRD Offers New Safety Software

By KMRD Partners

KMRD has partnered with GotSafety to provide advanced yet simplified safety software

WARRINGTON, PA, April 1, 2022 – KMRD Partners now collaborates with GotSafety to provide our clients with a new digital solution that manages everything safety in your company. KMRD finds it vital that our clients are not only well versed in their safety knowledge but properly supported in this area through resources. Having a robust safety program improves employees’ safety awareness which will help minimize accidents. As customers, you rely on your insurance and risk management provider to have you covered, so let us take care of you.

GotSafety’s Safety & Compliance Solutions software is mobile accessible with the GotSafety 2.0 App allowing you the ability to access your safety needs whenever, wherever. The app allows you to organize and track all employee submissions and you can also manage company forms; inspection forms, safety violations, accident incidents, and company-specific forms. The GotSafety Solution’s dashboard allows you to keep track of employees’ required training, and who has completed it, as well as organize and schedule employee training. There are over 1,200 safety lessons, and every month the GotSafety content library continues to grow. If there isn’t a specific safety lesson available that your company needs, GotSafety will create one for you free of charge.

To learn more about GotSafety and our partnership, please click here.

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