Reducing Distracted Driving with “This App Saves Lives”

For those who missed our webinar on reducing distractive driving with “This App Saves Lives” … here is a recording!

At KMRD Partners we believe that risk management shouldn’t just be seen through an insurance lens. Rather it should also be viewed as a way to make everyday life experiences safer. We always look for ways to mitigate risk in the daily ins and outs of life, for both ourselves and our clients. Kevin McPoyle, co-founder and the president of KMRD Partners, uses This App Saves Lives, which does exactly that, to improve his own driving experience. TASL rewards individuals who choose not to use their while driving.

In this webinar, Kevin speaks with TASL founder Ryan Frankel to discuss how to reduce liability, increase customer engagement and prevent distracted driving with his company’s app. You will learn how using This App Saves Lives can benefit you, your employees, your clients, and your family.

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