The Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

The benefits of enterprise risk management provide company leaders and other stakeholders with a structured intellectual framework to help plan for and cope with the vicissitudes of a constantly shifting business environment. The benefits of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a plan-based business strategy, enable business executives and senior staff members to achieve key organizational goals: Identify potential […]

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WannaCry Ransomware: Everything You Need to Know

Risks in a business from data breaches and other malicious cyber acts just keep on growing. Due to potential limitations of standard liability coverage when dealing with the evolving cyber environment, forward thinking organizations are transferring their risk to cyber insurance products. While WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks have slowed since being initiated on Friday, vigilance remains the […]

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Updates to OSHA’s HazCom Standard – Safety Data Sheets – NOW IS THE TIME!

OSHA HCS Safety Data Sheets 2017

With the first anniversary of the final stage of the revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) approaching on June 1, it’s time to review requirements instituted under this revision – including updated Safety Data Sheets. The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard was revised to align with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification of the Labeling […]

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Cyber Insurance – Public Wi-Fi Risks

Wi-Fi hot spots can leave you, your colleagues, and your staff wide open to hackers. Once hackers penetrate your server, your company’s information is vulnerable. This makes transferring risk through cyber liability insurance a critical component of your company’s risk management program. 95% of Wi-Fi data traffic is unencrypted. T-Mobile and AT&T— the largest providers […]

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Risks Ahead. Cyber Risk – Midsize business owners/executives view data breach as a minor risk.

According to Hartford’s Midsize Business Monitor, midsize business owners/executives responded as follows regarding cyber risk: 82% view data breach as at least a minor risk 81% report storing sensitive data 68% believe they are at least somewhat likely to experience a phishing incident in the next three years 45% experience a phishing incident in the […]

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KMRD’s Employee Background Checking Service

KMRD Background Checks

Because hiring can be the most important activity undertaken by a company, KMRD Partners has partnered with Global HR Research (“GHRR”) to offer a background checking service to our clients. To learn more, click here  or visit our Client Access Center. Here is how the service works: Simply provide your contact and business information […]

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Risks Ahead. Did you know? The number of motorists being caught for distracted driving is rising.

A recent report from Pennsylvania’s court system indicates an increasing number of motorists are being caught for distracted driving. 1,140 drivers were cited for texting while driving in 2014. An increasing number of drivers are being cited under a different statute for using headphones while driving. Motorists convicted of texting while driving are required to […]

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