Innovative Safety – Meet FRED; The Material Handling Robot with SuperPowers

material handling robot

By Doug Fastuca and Bob Dietzel, ARM, CIC

FRED is a hard working automated guided vehicle (AGV) that can make a difference in your business.

For significantly less than other AGVs, you can be up and running with FRED in no time—without the need of IT support. Four reasons why FRED is the right choice:

  • FRED is Safe – FRED is designed to keep your team safe. It uses lights and noise to alert your team that it it coming through at a very slow speed. FRED can also dramatically reduce forklift injuries.
  • FRED is Simple – FRED follows a clearly marked magnetic tape and is easy to install with no WIFI necessary.
  • FRED is Productive – FRED solves labor shortages. FRED allows markers to spend time on value-added activities, instead of riding forklifts or moving pallet jacks.
  • FRED is Flexible – With a low profile and the right size, FRED leaves more open floor space than a conveyor. And, FRED can go anywhere the tape goes.

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FRED does its job by following clearly marked magnetic tape paths that are easy to install, adjust or move. FRED is not connected to the internet and does not require a complex technical setup. FRED runs with two 12V lead acid batteries (standard with two more optional) and uses front/back safety laser scanners to prevent collisions. FRED can carry up to 2500 pounds and has a maximum speed of 2.1 mph. It even comes with a travel alarm that makes it easy to locate.

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Watch the Video: See FRED in Action

material handling robot

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FRED is not your typical AGV. With the addition of new towing capabilities, there are a multiple methods and opportunities to move material around your facility. Using empty dollies, a detachable handle, and a quick-release tongue, FRED can easily move between multiple pickup locations with ease. FRED has Superpowers! With motion detectors on each end, FRED can see and stop before a collision. With a customizable top, FRED can adapt to fit your needs. With a 2500 pound capacity, FRED can handle the load and keep production on schedule.

New AGV Pallet Robot, FRED2500

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Doug Fastuca, CEO at ASI Drives, a U.S. manufacturer of custom engineered gear drive solutions to the global medical mobility, floor care, material handling, warehouse automation, and robotics industries.

Bob Dietzel is the Co-Founder and Principal at KMRD Partners Risk & Insurance Solutions, a leading risk management and human capital solutions firm the Philadelphia region.

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