The Promise of Insurtech

insurtech kevin mcpoyle

Disruptive technology is poised to shake up our industry. Following tectonic plate shifts in publishing, finance, investing, telecommunications, recorded music, information technology, retail, and even ride hailing services, insurance has been added to the queue. Disruption can be unsettling. While a brave few welcome new challenges and ways of doing things, the great many prefer […]

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The Power of Good Press

Which industry is responsible for the following? Steps in to help put people’s lives back together again following floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fire. Provides the means with which businesses can replace ruined property and equipment following a calamitous event. Employs approximately 2,500,000 workers in the United States, which is more than six times the membership […]

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How to Build a Productive Insurance Underwriter/Broker Relationship

insurance broker

When I consider friends and family who have been blessed with happy partnerships, I realize there are many roads to establishing a successful relationship. Yet, I also recognize there are a number of common factors which exist throughout the process. The same, I believe, can be said for the underwriter/broker relationship. While there are many […]

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Risk Perspectives: Where are the Thought Leaders in the Risk Insurance Industry?

risk insurance industry

Risk insurance industry representatives are rarely asked to weigh in on the pressing issue of the day. Within our culture, thought leadership and the risk insurance industry are rarely intertwined – and I think I know why. Thought leaders in the risk insurance industry are sought out for their opinions and ideas. We are experts […]

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KMRD is Hiring! Associate Account Manager

insurance account manager

Associate Account Manager KMRD is actively searching for a Associate Account Manager to join our team of risk management professionals. You’ll work out of our regional office in Limerick, PA alongside a talented, friendly team of people working together to help small business clients reduce the cost of risk. The ideal candidate for this role wants […]

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Why Risk Management is Awesome at KMRD

Co-founders Bob Dietzel and Kevin McPoyle created KMRD Partners over 10 years ago out of a desire to do something different and bold. Their intent was to change the way businesses buy insurance and service customers with greater transparency than exists in the traditional insurance model. They focused on providing high quality risk management and insurance to […]

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Understanding the Role of Risk Manager at KMRD Partners

At KMRD, the Risk Manager’s job is to analyze data to determine the risks companies face, and look for ways to reduce the probability of loss and the amount of insurance premiums that companies end up paying. To be successful in the role, employees should have good analytical skills and writing skills and must be able to communicate […]

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Why Employees Like KMRD – In Their Own Words | Video + Notes

Ranked as one of “America’s Best Independent Agencies to Work For”, there are many reasons why employees like to work at KMRD – including experience, autonomy, purpose, inclusivity and more. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our employees have to say about working at KMRD – in their own words from the video […]

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How KMRD Got Started – In Their Own Words | Video + Notes

Over the last decade, while scores of other regional companies struggled or were snapped up by nationals, KMRD Partners has quietly thrived, expanding its risk management solutions and insurance brokerage services to more than 600 clients nationwide. Here are the cliff notes to the company history video below: The original vision Bob Dietzel and Kevin […]

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