2018 Year in Review – KMRD Partners Continues to Grow as a Premier Employer and Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction

As we close in on 2019, it’s that time of year again – and we are extremely proud of our 2018 results.

2018 was a momentum-building year for KMRD Partners. We enjoyed strong performance across all of our business practices, continued to invest in hiring exceptionally talented people, and worked hard to improve our customer satisfaction ranking for our clients. Our company is now larger and more global, the KMRD brand is much more recognized, and in 2018 we saw plenty of evidence our practice groups and service teams are doing a outstanding job delivering value for our clients. Overall, our employees did a great job in 2018 representing our core values. None of this success would have been possible without a world-class team that now stretches across three offices in the Philadelphia market, a top-tier community of partner companies we rely on, and of course, all of our clients – from the biggest to the smallest. Thank you everyone for making 2018 great!

A Few Numbers


We Added Even More New Clients

In 2018, we continued to grow a large and diverse client base – and we are now a superior solution for international businesses.


We Continue to Show Stable Growth

In 2018, we grew at 21%, very close to what we did in 2017. We continue to show year after year steady progress and growth.


We Rank High for Customer Satisfaction

In 2018, we won more awards and earned all-time high OSAT/NPS scores for customer satisfaction in a third-party survey.

We now have well over 2000 clients and would like to express a sincere thanks to our loyal clients and hard working employees, referral sources, and partners. We appreciate you!!

Notable Achievements in 2018

Two more incredible numbers for 2018


Total Policies Analyzed

We’re policy geeks and we review a lot of policies. In 2019, we’ll break our total of over 20,000!


Total Employees in 2018

We maintain our enviable 4:1 employee/client ratio. Want to join KMRD? See our open positions.

2018 Corporate Highlights

Below are a few more highlights from our efforts in 2018.

  • We currently serve over 2000 clients with NO one industry representing more than 11% of our business.
  • We continue to maintain our 98% client retention rate (over 10 years!)
  • We continue to maintain a low 4:1 client to employee ratio


KMRD was selected as a partner in the Worldwide Broker Network, a strong network of partners with over 500 offices in 6 continents.

2018 Client Support Highlights

  • GREAT POLICY COVERAGE – In 2018, we analyzed 1,676 policies, bringing our database of coverage reviews to a total of 19,154. We’re well on our way to breaking 20,000! We put our expertise in coverage to use for our clients every day!
  • WORLDWIDE CLIENT BASE – Last year, KMRD was selected as a partner in the Worldwide Broker Network, a strong network of partners with over 500 offices in 6 continents. Since then, we expanded our international support and serve clients around the globe.
  • STRENGTH IN PROPERTY & CASUALTY / RISK MANAGEMENT – Our approach is unique!  Our property and casualty coverage experience is well documented and our philosophy designed to reduce your cost of risk and insurance spend is popular.
  • PERSONAL LINES IS EXPANDING – The addition of Kueny Insurance (way back in 2017) continues to protect our individual business owners and their employees personally with great focus on coverage and access to many personal lines insurance carriers. Contact us if you need coverage!
  • OUR HUMAN CAPITAL & EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PRACTICE IS FAST GROWING – We analyze, design, build, and implement client-centric human capital solutions that foster an organization’s ability to attract, retain and motivate talent. KMRD’s approach to employee benefits leverages the revenue derived from insurance design, placement and administration to other value added Human Capital Solutions. We’re hiring an Employee Benefits Sales and Relationship Manager.
  • OUR AGING SERVICES PRACTICE IS ALSO FAST GROWING – Our aging services practice group offers extensive industry knowledge, valuable insight and core coverages tailored to the unique needs of aging services organizations.
  • OUR HOME STAGING PRACTICE IS ALSO FAST GROWING – IN FACT, WE’RE DEFINITELY NOW A LEADER IN HOME STAGING – As of this year, we are now one of the leading providers of insurance for professional home stagers.

Here’s the chart of our growth trajectory over the years. (Starting to look like a hockey stick?) We’re really proud of our teams for this extraordinary achievement.

Misc Business Improvements in 2018

  • WE HAVE A SUCCEED RISK MANAGEMENT CENTER – We now offer the most comprehensive insurance risk management platform available. It includes online safety training modules, HR tools, Cert Tracking, and more.
  • WE HIRE GREAT PEOPLE – We’re always looking for more talented people who share our values and are highly respected in the industry and community. Want to join the KMRD team? We’re always looking for great people!
  • WE CONTINUE TO EXPAND OUR CLIENT ACCESS CENTER – We improved our ability to serve and collaborate with our clients with improvements to our client access center. Check out the new tools and industry forms.

Did we mention our 2018 client survey? We’re proud of the results.

In the fall of 2018, we commissioned a 3rd party survey and had it sent out to our clients to better understand and meet their needs – and find out how we are tracking in terms of providing real value. While the results didn’t surprise us, they might have surprised our competition!

Here are a few of the highlights

We earned an average 9.5 (out of 10) across all of our respondents who believe KMRD to be a trusted partner, with the right knowledge to handle requests, and able to quickly put you in touch with the right person when you need help.

KMRD earned an 9.5 Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) rate and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85.8. Additionally, 90.6% of you are what are called “promoters” who would be “extremely likely to recommend KMRD to a friend or colleague”.

Our results for both Overall Satisfaction and Net Promoter were higher than most, if not all, of our closest competitors. To put those above numbers into perspective, our competition (on average) earned 65.5 NPS with only 76.9% of their respondents considered to be “promoters”.

While the above figures are impressive, we believe there is still much room for improvement. Our goal for 2019 at KMRD is to work even harder to continue to earn our  business and ensure exceptional experiences for every one of our clients each and every day.

Below are a few images of our office!


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KMRD CaresKMRD Cares!

We are proud of our community efforts!  KMRD provided meaningful support to many organization including Feed My Starving Children, Keystone Opportunity Center, Bringing Hope Home.. to name a few.

That wraps it up for the year here at KMRD. 2018 was undoubtedly a good year for the company, our people, and our clients – and there is much to look forward to in 2019. Thanks for reading and wishing you all the best for 2018.

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