Certificates of Insurance Act

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On April 10, the Certificates of Insurance Act will take effect in New Jersey. The provisions of this act will apply to all certificates of insurance issued in connection with property, operations or risks located in New Jersey, regardless of where the policyholder, insurer, insurance producer or person requesting or requiring the issuance of a […]

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Food Product Recall Risk Transference

Quick Quiz: What do baby spinach, raw cashew pieces, barbecue sauce, fish batter mix, marzipan, ice cream, packaged salads, dried kiwi and mango and gourmet bread pudding have in common? These products, and more importantly the businesses which manufacture and distribute them, have all experienced market recalls since January 1.  We are only 75 days […]

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Risks Ahead. What millennials value at the workplace.

Many of the millennials employed by your company – people who reached adulthood around the year 2000 – may be planning to actively seek new jobs, placing your investment in time and money at risk. This unrest is being driven by the fact that what millennials value at the workplace – a focus on work/home […]

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ACA Shared Responsibility Provision

If your firm sent an offer letter indicating a separate stipend to cover the cost of purchasing insurance, according to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) you could face a $100 a day fine per employee. Even if you don’t have over 50 full time employees, the government might still consider you an Applicable Large Employer […]

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Risks Ahead. Patients don’t realize they have received out-of-network care until they receive a bill.

With health insurance plans becoming increasingly complex, more patients are billed for unexpected fees when outside their plan’s coverage network. Patients often don’t realize they have received out-of-network care until they receive a bill. According to a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost 1/3 of insured Americans with financial problems tied to medical […]

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Risks Ahead. Life Insurance Could be Good for your Health

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Although a survey fielded by John Hancock shows both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers don’t feel ready for retirement, it seems life insurance can be good for their health! 53% of respondents do not feel prepared for their financial futures. However, 73% of respondents report having life insurance would help boost confidence about their futures. […]

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Have you updated your insurance and risk management strategy lately?

KMRD - Are You Ready For One Minute From Normal?

Even the most brilliant insurance and risk management strategy must be updated on an ongoing basis to account for changed and still changing circumstances. These changes may come from without – the ever-growing risk of cyber events, new legislation and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, for example; and they may come from within – including revenue […]

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Risks Ahead. Did you know? Financial stress can take a toll on your health.


Self reported depression among people who are financially stressed: 23% Self reported depression among people who are not financially stressed: 4% Self reported headaches or migraines among people who are financially stressed: 23% Self reported headaches or migraines among people who are not financially stressed: 4% Self reported ulcers or digestive tract problems among people […]

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Risks Ahead. Have you checked your New Year’s Eve Risk Profile lately?

New Year Risks - KMRD

More than 4,000 vehicles are stolen on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day is the second most deadly day for drivers, according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. Some people believe breaking anything on New Year’s Day could ring in a year […]

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Contingent Business Interruption Insurance – Are you protected from third party disruptions?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, your company needs Contingent Business Interruption Insurance. Do any of your company’s operations heavily rely on a single or select group of third party providers of goods or services? Would a long-term computer outage disrupt your company’s ability to maintain normal business operations? Would losing […]

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