Certificates of Insurance Act

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Certificates of Insurance Act

On April 10, the Certificates of Insurance Act will take effect in New Jersey. The provisions of this act will apply to all certificates of insurance issued in connection with property, operations or risks located in New Jersey, regardless of where the policyholder, insurer, insurance producer or person requesting or requiring the issuance of a certificate of insurance is located.

According to the Act, “A person shall not: (1) Alter or modify a certificate of insurance form filed with the commissioner; (2) Prepare, issue, request, or require the issuance of a certificate of insurance that contains any false or misleading information concerning the referenced policy of insurance; or (3) Prepare, issue, request, or require the issuance of a certificate of insurance that purports to alter, amend, or extend the coverage provided by the referenced policy of insurance.”

The law gives the insurance commissioner the power to impose fines of up to $1,000 per violation.

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