Flood Preparedness Resources List to Share with Friends and Loved Ones

flood preparedness resources list

With the recent hurricane and flood threat, our team prepared a list of flood preparedness resources for you to share with friends and loved ones. We wish you and your families a safe and secure week. Red Cross Flood Safety Checklist explains what to do in the case of a flood, which supplies to store, and what to do […]

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Why It’s Important To Know Your Flood Zones

Following a rise of more than 13 feet on the Patapsco River in Ellicott City, Maryland, in just a few hours this past Saturday evening, flooding caused extensive structural damage to multiple businesses and residential areas, along with sidewalks and streets. Many business owners returned to their businesses on Sunday to find they had lost […]

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Do You Have A Flood Recovery Plan In Place for Hurricane Season?

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins today – Do you have your flood recovery plan steps in place? The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins today, with meteorologists forecasting a more active than usual hurricane season, partly due to the expected end of the El Niño weather pattern in the next few months. Meteorologists at AccuWeather, a private […]

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Have you been re-mapped to a flood zone?

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller issued a consumer alert earlier this month by which Pennsylvania homeowners can appeal their property’s placement in a flood zone by the federal government, which in many cases requires them to purchase flood insurance. Commissioner Miller said FEMA recently re-mapped most of the country using 100-year flood projections, resulting in […]

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New Flood Insurance Tool Available in Pennsylvania

With April showers on the way, it is worth noting although flood and sewer back-up is excluded under most standard commercial property policies, both coverages can be added by endorsement. Depending upon the flood zone identified on the property, coverage is available on a primary basis through a number of carriers. In instances where property […]

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Flood Insurance – Could your business be washed away by a flood or sewer back-up?

Flood Risks

Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the most flood-prone states in the nation, with approximately 83,000 miles of river and streams and nearly 2,400 local governments enrolled in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Although flood and sewer back-up is excluded under most standard commercial property policies, sewer back up can be added as […]

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Flood Insurance – South Carolina’s flooding reinforces the importance of planning

Although Hurricane Joaquin bypassed land, another storm provided enough tropical for  what South Carolina officials have called a 1 in 1,000 year storm. More than 18 inches of rain in roughly 24 hours fell in the state, leading to severe flooding. Charleston got nearly one foot of rain on Saturday.  It has been estimated 11 […]

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What do the different flood zones mean? Flood Zone Designations

KMRD delivers risk management solutions and human capital solutions to more than 2000 clients nationwide. Learn more about us, view our client success stories, or visit our blog. Want to talk with an expert to understand flood zones for your business? Call 866-957-5673 or send us an email. The following table gives an explanation for the flood zone designations: […]

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