KMRD XChange Risk Management System – What It Is, and Why It’s Useful

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Our award-winning, collaborative risk management system helps our team provide better customer service, faster turnaround times, and improves our ability to deliver more satisfied clients. In this article, we’ll explain why XChange is such a valuable risk management support tool for KMRD.

People often ask us to describe our secret sauce, and it’s not easy to answer because there are many factors to take into consideration. We could tell you it has everything to do with our ability to attract, engage, and hire top-tier employees into KMRD. And this would be true. Or, it might be we work hard to train and develop our staff members into future industry leaders. Also true. We could tell you it’s our unique company culture we’ve been able to carefully cultivate over the years. True again. Or, our sharp laser focus on servicing our clients and our interest in working hard to maintain our industry-leading customer satisfaction rates. True and true. But maybe – just maybe – our real secret sauce is not a secret at all – we just do our best to focus on doing business right.

Let’s take our approach to client support. When we started KMRD, we decided to support our early clients through a collaborative risk management system called KMRD XChange. We initially launched our XChange risk management system for two reasons: (1) as a way to differentiate our firm from the competition and (2) to help us better manage business risk for our clients.

XChange dramatically improves our ability to collaborate with clients.

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What started as a great idea has become an award-winning risk management system with thousands of  forms we use to constantly improve and grow, deliver better customer service and faster turnaround times – which, for KMRD, means more satisfied clients and higher retention rates.

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By the end of 2019, we’ll have more than 20,000 policies analyzed, approximately 123,000 documents produced, and well over 900,000 documents touched inside XChange. At face value, these numbers don’t mean much, but for us they mean that for every new client we on-board and add to our risk management portal, we are able to dramatically improve our ability to service and care for our clients. More than any other tool or technology we deploy, XChange has become our rising tide that lifts all boats.

XChange Technology and Document System

XChange is part technology and part document-management system; where every document in the system is profiled, searchable and works to support all of our clients. As an example, if we were to search for “show us every general liability policy we reviewed” our risk management system would produce a list of matching documents much like what you would see in a Google search return. Just this one feature alone saves our team lots of time and allows us to compare offerings, not only from a rate perspective, but coverage as well. We can search every general liability policy in our system from every carrier. And when you combine this with the ability to compare and analyze thousands of forms in our database – this all works together to deliver more accurately, faster, and better for our clients.

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Having a risk management system like XChange in place not only improves our ability to serve clients, but it also acts as a backbone to our outsourced risk management service. XChange dramatically improves our ability to act as the risk-management department for our middle and upper-middle market clients – companies not large enough to have their own full-time risk management staffs, but big enough to have a wide variety of potentially catastrophic losses.

9 Reasons Our Clients Like KMRD XChange

  • Enhances your access and speed with real-time access to all files, easy certificate processing, and faster document printing.
  • Helps to collaborate across teams and delivers real-time access to data, 24/7 global data sharing, and vendor access controls.
  • Requires no software to install and provides fast access to documents, better decision-making ability, and quick set-up for all users.
  • With 24/7 self-service capability, you can access insurance/policy data, analyze reports, and print special documents.
  • With 24/7 “real-time” access to data, you’ll spend less time on the phone or in long email exchanges and more time doing the things you want to do.
  • Everyone around the globe can work together to compare, analyze and make important changes in less time.
  • With easy, secure access to all data, all of your managers can now update, complete, and move critical documents forward.
  • With transparent, shared rights to all documents, edits happen in “real-time” with an alert sent to our team for improved delivery and fast turnaround.
  • We always speak in a language that you can understand, and every bit of data is accessible in easy-to-read Excel and Word formats.

5 Benefits to Using KMRD XChange

  • Fast turnaround times with permission controls for vendors/underwriters.
  • Better version control because everyone accesses the same document.
  • Easy “anywhere, anytime” policy access for users around the globe.
  • Encrypted technology and secure “permission” folder access for users.
  • Real-time access to all schedules, reports and documents in easy formats.

What Our Clients Say About XChange

“KMRD Partners’ proactive efforts to minimize exposure, attention to detail, and responsiveness to new matters is unsurpassed. In addition, their risk management system gives me complete access to all of my insurance related documents. In particular, I find the site allows me to manage my certificates of insurance and auto ID cards in a very quick and easy way.” – CFO / $35M technology service firm

“”KMRD’s risk management system really is leaps ahead of where we were. One other thing that is cool on the website is the reports and the claim detail. All of our branches have their own separate logins to the site and received training on the website where they view only their information. This has alleviated a lot of questions we had out in the field.” – Chief Administrative Officer / Public firm with $200M+ payroll

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Bob Dietzel is the Co-Founder and Principal at KMRD Partners Risk & Insurance Solutions, a leading risk management and human capital solutions firm the Philadelphia region.

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