KMRD XChange Risk Management System – What It Is, and Why It’s Useful

risk management system

Our award-winning, collaborative risk management system helps our team provide better customer service, faster turnaround times, and improves our ability to deliver more satisfied clients. In this article, we’ll explain why XChange is such a valuable risk management support tool for KMRD. People often ask us to describe our secret sauce, and it’s not easy to answer because there […]

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Collaborative Risk Management System to Manage Business Risk

KMRD Partners uses a collaborative risk management system, KMRD XChange, to help the firm stand above the competition and manage business risk better for clients. At a 2011 roundtable in New York, asked Robert Dietzel, co-founder of KMRD partners (which at the time had $20 million in premium volume and 20 employees) some questions about the value […]

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