KMRD Partners Hams It Up Again This Holiday Season

KMRD Partners Hams It Up Again This Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, we are shining a light on organizations helping to care for those who are in need. In lieu of sending Holiday Cards and gifts to our clients and partners, KMRD is again delivering spiral cut hams to Keystone Opportunity Center, located in Souderton, PA, between November 6 and December 18.  KMRD employees will be making pick-ups and deliveries.  This is the 3rd year of this tradition.

KMRD was put in touch with Keystone by All Holding. Through its subsidiaries, Alderfer Natural Wood Smoked Meats and Leidy’s Simply Delicious, All Holding has been feeding hungry people for over 120 years.

According to Kevin McPoyle, President of KMRD, “Keystone Opportunity Center helps community members in need.  As members of this community, we feel it is our responsibility to join in expressing our support both financially and personally.  We hope our actions propel others to get involved locally to support those in need.”

To learn about how your company can develop a team building support program with Keystone Opportunity Center visit

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