The human element of supply chain disruption – Employee Safety

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The human element of supply chain disruption – Employee Safety

The more your organization understands the “hidden human element” of supply chain risk, the better prepared you will be for supply chain disruptions from inside the organization.

  1. Smaller companies often rely on one person to maintain and fix critical machinery, rather than sending it out for repair. If that specially trained worker is on vacation or has left the company, no one else may be available to complete repairs in a timely manner.
  2. About one half of small to mid-sized companies often do not have a formal onboarding program for new employees. This lack of training can lead to otherwise preventable accidents and injuries, as well as a lack of knowledge to repair critical machinery.
  3. About one-third of work-related injuries involve employees who have been on the job for fewer than 90 days, exposing the employer to significant workers’ comp costs.
  4. Businesses create safety protocols in the headquarters office that are often not followed in remote offices, leading to otherwise preventable accidents and injuries.
  5. With insufficient people on the factory floor, the period from raw material to finished product lengthens. The longer it takes to ship finished product to buyers, the longer it takes for a company to monetize it.

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