Collaborative Risk Management System to Manage Business Risk

KMRD Partners uses a collaborative risk management system, KMRD XChange, to help the firm stand above the competition and manage business risk better for clients.

At a 2011 roundtable in New York, asked Robert Dietzel, co-founder of KMRD partners (which at the time had $20 million in premium volume and 20 employees) some questions about the value of XChange to his agency and its clients.

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About our Collaborative Risk Management System

“XChange is a document-management system; every document in the system is profiled. So, for example, we can ask the system: “show us every general liability policy we reviewed for Liberty Mutual.” And it will bring together something like a Google-search return of all those matching documents. So for our clients or prospects, we can compare what Liberty is offering them versus our clients—from a rate perspective and from a coverage perspective.

And then we can look at our clearing house of every general liability policy in our system from every carrier. We have thousands of forms in our database that we can compare and analyze. And every time we do a deal, the database gets stronger and stronger.”

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