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KMRD Are You Ready for One Minute From Normal?

Business Continuity & Recovery Solutions

When it comes to getting ready for what can happen one minute from normal, forward-thinking risk management is critically important. Decisions you make before one minute from normal arrives may determine whether or not your business survives. A particularly important decision concerns disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Following a disaster, most businesses simply are unable to transact business. Employees have no place from which to perform their tasks. Phones and internet are inaccessible. Clients are unable to access critical support services. Effectively, the business ceases to be a functional enterprise for clients, staff and vendors who depend upon it. If the business does not resume operations before the recovery time objective has passed, legal action may ensue.

A disaster recovery and business continuity service can get your business up and running again – often by the next business day – by delivering any or all of these critical services:




PCs, Intel servers, tape drives, printers and fax machines


Office space complete with desks and chairs


Satellite for voice and Internet access

At KMRD Partners, we have taken our own advice to heart by engaging Agility Recovery Solutions.  As a satisfied client, we are able to recommend Agility with confidence. To learn more about this company and the services it provides, please visit or call Michael Sciarrotta at (215) 504-9869.

KMRD reduces the overall cost of risk for clients by producing a greater value for each insurance dollar spent, while utilizing an enterprise risk management approach to engineer the optimal solution. The firm’s diagnostic process is supported by its unique collaborative technology, KMRD XCHANGE ®

We are dedicated to anticipating risk and helping firms recover from unplanned events that wait on the other side of one minute from normal. Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath are all the reinforcement of this issue anyone should want or need.

To identify and correct coverage and service gaps in your insurance contact us at before one minute from normal strikes your company.


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