More social media risks

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More social media risk

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A few weeks ago we covered the risks attributable to employees’ social media usage. We further recommended employees be required to avoid job talk on social media sites. The following is another example for our offering the advice:

A National Labor Relations Board administrative judge has found against a Buffalo, NY social services agency, for discharging five employees who posted unflattering comments about their work environment on Facebook.

The judge found that the online discussion was protected concerted activity within the meaning of Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, because the five workers had responded to a colleague’s work related Facebook post.

The judge ordered that the five “unlawfully” discharged employees be reinstated with back pay.

This is the first case involving Facebook to result in an administrative law judge decision following a hearing. It is unlikely to be the last. Company managers need to dig down deep within their corporate directives and requirements to anticipate the effects of social media usage by employees. And they will have to draft and enforce social media guidelines to contain risk.

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