9 steps to avoid negligent entrustment

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9 steps to avoid negligent entrustment

Agent & Broker Insider today featured a web exclusive on Negligent Entrustment written Steve-Macauleyby Steve Macauley, a partner at KMRD Partners. Steve has more than 30 years experience in the property and casualty brokerage insurance industry focusing on large complex accounts. Steve’s background is well-rounded with experience serving the end-user as well as designing and marketing reinsurance programs.

To read Steve’s article and learn more about Negligent Entrustment, please <click here>

Following are some guidelines for avoiding the potentially devastating consequences of negligent entrustment:

  1. Read the literature on negligent entrustment to understand the risks.
  2. Teach by example, especially when driving with younger employees.
  3. Put clear safety policies in writing.
  4. Enforce clearly defined driver guidelines with zero tolerance.
  5. Pre-screen all individuals who are granted permission to drive on company business.
  6. Monitor and enforce drug and alcohol policies.
  7. Review the driving records of all those with permission to drive on company business annually.
  8. Mandate training modules for all at-risk drivers.
  9. Maintain company vehicles to meet stringent safety standards.

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