Epsilon data breach lessons

Epsilon data breach lessons

Epsilon, the largest permission based e-mail marketing provider, reported an e-mail addresses data breach this past Friday.  Kroger, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Capital One, Best Buy, The College Board, Brookstone and TiVo are just some of the companies that have advised their customers about the incident.

Although Epsilon is stating that stolen data has been limited to names and e-mail addresses, targeted companies have expressed concerns related to “phishing” efforts.

Phishing, as Wikipedia helpfully informs us, is an attempt to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

For example, a phishing attempt masquerading as an e-mail sent from JP Morgan Chase might request financial information. A phishing attempt masquerading as an e-mail sent from The College Board might request a student’s social security number. And a phishing attempt masquerading as an e-mail sent from Citi might ask that you key in your user name and password, which will be harvested for nefarious purposes.

Because the e-mail is supposedly sent from a trusted source, recipients are more likely to open and answer it.

The data breach at Epsilon, which employs state of the art security protocols, demonstrates that all computer networks are vulnerable to hackers. For this reason, insurance protection against cybersecurity breaches becomes just as important as a Business Auto and Workers Compensation policies.

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