Talent Retention and Acquisition Webinar Recording

Talent Retention & Acquisition

For those who missed our webinar on “Talent Retention and Acquisition Webinar”, here is a recording!

Our experts discuss the talent acquisition challenges that they face in the job market today and what retention strategies they use to keep their employees. Ingrid Dunlap from KMRD will be joined by John Baldino (President of Humareso), Deborah Kliman (VP of Human Resources at Sabre Systems) and Denise Houser (Global HR & Talent Acquisition Officer at Asplundh)


  • The recent trends that are affecting retention and acquisition which include Workplace Flexibility, Educational Diversity and Generational Differences.
  • What our panelists use to counteract the challenges they face in talent acquisition in the ever growing pool of potential candidates.
  • What Creative Strategies our panelists use to differentiate their company for potential new employees and the incentives they use to retain their current employees.

Hosted by KMRD Partners


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