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KMRD + GotSafety

KMRD has partnered with GotSafety to provide our clients with immediate access to free safety benefits and resources. GotSafety is a safety solutions company providing their customers with an advanced safety software in the form of a mobile app or site dashboard. GotSafety offers a digital solution to manage everything safety in your company. Keep track of training records, inspection reports, OSHA documents, and more with the GotSafety Solution.

Online Benefits Include:

  • Hundreds of bilingual safety lessons for PC and Mobile App devices
  • Request new and customized lessons
  • Safety forms
  • Free safety signs and posters 
Additional Resources:

  • Free Safety & Risk Consultation 
  • Unlimited Customer Support 
  • Discounted Safety Signage and Stickers

KMRD + GotSafety Brochure